Doha Metro, Qatar’s state-of-the-art rapid transit system is set to be one of the most sophisticated system in the region, connecting Doha to  communities within and outside its vicinity. Here’s a look at how it slowly takes form. 

Following its establishment in 2011, Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) is leading one of the largest rail projects in the world to meet the demands of Qatar’s dynamic and growing population. The company is responsible for the design, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the entire network and systems.

The Doha Metro

Four lines cover the Greater Doha area with connections to commercial and residential areas throughout the city. In central Doha, the Metro will be underground; at the outskirts, it will mainly be at ground level or elevated.

Qatar Rail Doha Metro Line

The project will be conducted over multiple phases: the first phase will see the construction of three of the four lines (Red, Gold, and Green) and 37 stations, expected to be operational in 2020. Future phases involve the introduction of an additional line (Blue) and the expansion of the existing ones with more than 60 additional stations. The first expansion will be completed by 2026. The designs for the Metro do not include any large ticket offices or machines. Instead, passengers will purchase tickets via smartphones.

Palazzo pattern trin stations Qatar Rail
The intricate vaulted ceiling is highlighted by LED strip lightings. All metro stations will have the patterned terrazzo flooring and open skylight.

At the end of April 2018, 77% of the Doha Metro Phase 1 Program had been completed, including 81% of the construction work and 59% of works related to the installation of various systems. The proposed date for inauguration of the Doha Metro Phase 1 Red Line from Al Qassar to Al Wakra is 31 October 2018. Also known as the Coast Line, the line will have 18 stations, the biggest being Msheireb, handling 100,000 passengers an hour. West Bay Station has been renamed Qatar Insurance Group Station under the first agreement for naming stations.

Aside from the Doha Metro, the state-of-the-art railway network will also consist of Lusail Tram, a service for convenient travel within the new city of Lusail and the Long Distance Rail, which will link Qatar to the region.

For more details, visit the Qatar Rail website.

(Photos from Qatar Rail’s social media)

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