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Al Gannas Society Attends Conference in Ireland

The Qatari Al Gannas Society has concluded a successful participation in the annual meeting of the International Association for Falconry, which was held in Sneem, southern Ireland. The Qatari Team also attended ‘The Stewardship of Biodiversity and Sustainable Use’ conference.

The President of Qatar’s International Falcons Veterinary Conference and the vice president of Al Gannas Society, Mohammed bin Abdulatif Al Misned, said:

The participation of Al Gannas Society in this renowned international falconry meeting in Ireland stems from the state of Qatar’s support to the scientific community and its falcons-based research.’


Al Misned added:

The participation also highlighted the contributions made by scientific teams from Qatari universities who are dedicated to studying the genetic map of resident and migratory falcons and hawks in Qatar, and this is where the Qatari project of the free-falcon gene started.’

Zayed Al Maadeed, Secretary of Al Gannas Society, noted:

The participation of the society in the 47th IAF Council of Delegates Meeting was a total success on all levels, as Al Gannas Society reiterated its vital role in supporting Qatari falconers and providing the best falcons-centred services in the levels of veterinary institutions and scientific research.’

Al Maadeed added:

Moreover, we have enhanced Qatar’s ties with international counterparts in the culture and traditional heritage business.’

Farouk Ben Omar Al Ajli, Al Gannas Society researcher, who delivered a lecture at the ‘Stewardship of Biodiversity and Sustainable Use’ Conference, said:

The Qatari project on the free-falcon gene that was launched during the second edition of Qatar’s International Falcons Veterinary Conference, tap latest discoveries in the genetic sciences to provide the best care falcons, and to preserve its bio-diversity and uniqueness in their nesting environment or migration routes.’

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