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MOI Launches ‘Accident-Free Summer’ Campaign

Accident Free Summer campaign

The Ministry of the Interior launched a traffic awareness campaign, titled ‘Accident-Free Summer’ to raise awareness on common traffic violations and enhance the knowledge of road users to reduce road accidents. The launch was held recently during a press conference at the General Directorate of Traffic in Madinat Khalifa.

Accident Free Summer campaign 2Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, Director General of Traffic, praised the role of the media in spreading traffic awareness, stressing that they are authentic partners in the field and in raising awareness against the negative impact of traffic violations on the road. He invited more media effort and support in the next phase.

The first week of the ‘Accident-Free Summer’ campaign will focus on awareness, particularly on the offence of stopping inside a yellow box junction.

Al Kharji pointed out that the road is supposed to be vital, and that vehicle users shall give others the opportunity to cross intersections without interruption. This is stipulated in Article (72) of Traffic Law No (19) of 2007, which states that ‘motorists shall undertake to observe automatic traffic signals while driving’. Despite having priority or if the traffic light indicates green, a motorist may not move the vehicle if such act will disrupt or hinder traffic, and whoever has priority may waive such priority if traffic conditions so require.

The General Director of Traffic stated that cameras at intersections will monitor the stopping violation in the yellow box, which will bring in a fine of QAR500; it is not permissible to settle by paying only half of the fee.

He wanted the media to intensify awareness of this violation during this week, which will be followed by focus on other traffic violations in the coming weeks.

The ‘Accident-Free Summer’ campaign is aimed at all road users, citizens and residents, to avoid traffic violations that often lead to traffic accidents. The campaign seeks to minimise accidents and to spread security and safety on the road.

Different media channels and local non-Arabic radios, are joining the campaign. The campaign will also be covered by local and foreign newspapers as well as social media outfits.

Fancy Numbers Now Available

Brigadier Al Kharaji said that 50 significant fancy numbers will be obtainable as a first stage, through Metrash2, from 12 pm this Tuesday, 10 July, at fixed prices in some categories, starting from QAR15,000 to QAR3,000.

He said that a buyer of several of these numbers can only buy another number until 72 hours after his previous purchase, to allow other buyers equal opportunity.

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