The General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security recently hosted a meeting for participants of the Maritime Exercise 2 (Dibel 2), which will be led by the Directorate in the coming months, to measure the readiness of concerned authorities in dealing with incidents at sea.

Brigadier Ali Ahmed Saif Al Badid, Director General of Coasts and Borders Security, explained that the Dibel 2 exercise comes under the supervision of the Permanent Emergency Committee. It follows the successful Dibel 1 exercises and comes as part of the annual plans prepared by the Department for the purpose of training and practical drill, to confront various marine accidents and tasks, in collaboration with other authorities.

He stressed that they are keen to always be in a state of readiness to face the various incidents occurring in the maritime field, whether it involves accidents of commercial vessels and oil tankers or smuggling, or fishing in Qatari waters by non-Qatari maritime vessels. Their task also include protecting the offshore oil and gas facilities of the state.

Lieutenant Colonel Khalifa Mohammed Al Attiyah, Director General of the General Directorate of Industrial Security, said that the Dibel 2 exercise will be a continuation of the joint efforts between the two directorates. He said that they will take into consideration their observations from the Dibel 1 exercise. This is the aim of conducting the exercises, to enhance the positive learnings and address any issues.

Qatar Petroleum Ports, the Department of Oil Spill Control, the Amiri Air Force, the General Directorate of Industrial Security and the National Command Centre will all participate in the exercise.