Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre (QSRTC) will host its first Innovation Open House on 6 and 7 November 2013, showcasing innovative deployment of cutting-edge technologies that provide solutions to the world’s energy needs. The two-day event will also feature the second in the Qatar Shell Dialogues series.

HE Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, as well as Faisal Al Suwaidi, President of R&D at Qatar Foundation will attend the Innovation Open House on November 7, where HE will be unveiling a further addition to QSRTC’s research facilities. Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Shell, Wael Sawan, said:

Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything Shell does, which is why we invest more in R&D than any other oil and gas company. Qatar in particular plays an important role in Shell’s overall R&D strategy.’

‘We have adopted an ‘open innovation’ strategy – where we actively seek to collaborate with academia and industry partners who are interested in exploring innovative solutions to address global energy challenges…that’s what The Innovation Open House and the Shell Dialogues are all about: sowing the seeds of innovation.’

The dialogues will also include interactive discussions and live polling among key members of the energy industry on how to foster open collaboration to accelerate new innovations.

Through its research arm QSRTC, Qatar Shell has committed to spending US $100 million on research and development over a ten-year period. QSRTC aligns itself with the Qatar National Research Strategy to explore cutting-edge solutions in the key areas of energy and environment under three themes: ‘Unlocking the Subsurface’, ‘Breakthrough Products’ and ‘Water Solutions’.

Students from across Qatar’s universities will be given an exclusive preview of the three experiential exhibition zones prepared for the Open House, where they can witness through interactive displays Qatar Shell’s innovations across the three themes. The exhibition zones will showcase sub-surface developments in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and breakthrough products such as GTL jet fuel, as well as environmental research carried out on water and carbon recapture.

The university students, lecturers and deans will enter into debates with Shell experts on how to define and promote clear career paths in science and research – a topic that is high on the agenda of Qatar’s National Research Strategy. The Managing Director of QSRTC, Youssif Saleh, said:

QSRTC is known for being the anchor tenant at the Qatar Science and Technology Park and for developing and implementing technologies that support Qatar’s needs…it is also a vibrant learning centre, which contributes significantly to capacity building in Qatar as Shell’s premier regional hub.’

‘QSRTC has a programme of dynamic collaborations with both the local and international academic community. Through our affiliation with local academic institutions, we are able to remain steadfast in our support of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS).’

The Qatar Innovation Open House follows the May 2013 launch of the first in a series of stakeholder workshops known as the ‘Qatar Shell Dialogues’, which aim at gathering the foremost thought leaders from industry, government and academia to harvest recommendations on how the energy industry can help build Qatar’s national R&D capacity.