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Weekly Podcast: Meet Young Singer Janna Thomson

Newsletter Podcast Doha Qatar


Marhaba brings you weekly podcasts by Doha Heat, a communal podcast set up by Ginger Camel Media

Doha Heat is for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day. The interviews are very relaxed and seek to be honest conversations, like the type you might have with a friend over coffee/tea/karak.

Meet 12-year old singer Janna Thomson in this week’s podcast. Janna speaks of her passion for singing and music and how it helps her on a daily basis to overcome bullying. She talks about how speaking out and asking for help during tough times supported her to be herself and care less about what people think of her.

Janna Thomson Ginger Camel Weekly Podcast Doha Qatar

Tune into the podcast to listen to Janna’s beautiful voice.

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