Qatar is set to beat another Guinness World Records title on Friday 21 November 2014 at Qatar Endurance Race Track.

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Company WLL will be celebrating its 50th year of being associated with Toyota Motors Corporation. And to mark the golden year, they organised an exciting event for all Toyota SUV owners, friends and families.

As part of the celebration, Toyota plans to break a Record of ‘Largest Convoy of Off-Road Vehicles’.  They are hoping to get a large part of Qatar’s Toyota SUV community to participate in the Record but also invite families to come watch and enjoy a day out in the desert!

Apart from the Record-breaking attempt happening, there will be a Fun Zone set up which includes fun and games for kids, food tents, camel rides, competitions and plenty of surprises.

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Participation Guidelines:

  1. Register at the event’s website 1 Nation 1 Record and fill out all the necessary details
  2. Once you receive a confirmation email, click on the link and enter the secret code attached.
  3. Arrive to the venue before 1:30 pm
  4. Enjoy a quick service check by Toyota and get a short safety brief
  5. Drive through to the World Record line up until we have a good amount of cars lined up, go to the guest zone and explore.
  6. Once everyone is ready, hop in your car, turn on the engine and lets go!


If you are simply interested in coming to the event to enjoy a day out with family and friends, all you have to do is come to the location. The event will take place next to the Endurance Race Track situated a few kilometres before Sealine Beach Resort, on the right hand side. Just follow the Toyota branding and signages.

For more information, visit the website of 1 Nation 1 Record.