The 1001 Inventions and Arabick Roots exhibitions are now open in the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) – don’t miss this journey into the ‘Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation’ in a memorable celebration of modern science’s heritage. The 1001 Inventions will run untill 12 November and Arabick Roots will continue until January 2013. The theme of the exhibition is to ‘explore the past and inspire the future’.

Brought to Doha by Qatar Museums Authority and the MIA, in partnership with 1001 Inventions and Qatar Shell, the 1001 Inventions exhibition takes visitors through the works of scientists and scholars during the golden age. Arabick Roots reveals the influence of these works on the changes to scientific knowledge and lifestyle in Europe in the 17th century.

Here’s an interesting fact – did you know that Ibn Al Haytham is known as the father of optics and is responsible for the scientific phenomenon ‘Camera Obscura’ – which is still the basic principle used in modern cameras!

For more information, visit the MIA website