Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) launched the 2019 Fall edition of its art, design and craft classes, its Portfolio Development classes and its Continuing Education programme.

Its Portfolio Development classes have been designed to help high school students acquire the skills necessary to prepare admissions portfolios; while its Continuing Education programme offers creative professional courses and programmes for adult learners.

Art and Design Classes

Those who are interested in art, design and crafts, can choose from an exciting range of creative pursuits that includes classes in pottery, sketching, fashion design, calligraphy, contemporary architecture, novel writing and applied technology including animation, robotics and virtual reality. A full list of classes can be found at the university’s website. The classes are open to all ages and abilities and will begin mid-October.

Portfolio Development

The portfolio development classes teach students the necessary skills to build a competitive portfolio. Students will have the time to practice and experiment on different types of portfolios, with the instructors providing timely and detailed personal feedback when required, allowing students to develop an understanding of the vigor and value of an art and design education at VCUarts Qatar. Students will learn about observational drawing, creative thinking, communicating ideas, composition, and preparing their portfolio. The classes are taught by alumni and faculty from the university who have in-depth knowledge of the processes that are required to produce a world-class portfolio.

Continuing Education

The University’s Continuing Education programme aims to cultivate an understanding about the potential and value of art and design, as well as attracting, developing and supporting self-directed lifelong learners and creative innovators in Qatar and the region. It offers two programmes: the Fashion Business Program focuses on business development and aims to provide participants with entry-level business skills for the fashion enterprise market; the Creative Entrepreneurship Management is intended for entrepreneurs who run or want to run their business online (eg bloggers, online retailers, etc) with efficiency in their day-to-day work by applying proven strategic and business operations management practices without being overwhelmed.

VCUarts Qatar is committed to opening its doors to the community through these innovative classes and programmes to ensure that participants have access to a broad spectrum of art and design education. Interested parties can review class offerings and fees as well as register online at any time. You can also visit VCUarts Qatar for in-person registration from Sunday to Thursday, 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 3:45 pm.

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