It’s bigger than it looks yet is very compact for its wide capabilities… But it’s beautiful to look at and absolutely gorgeous to experience from the inside.

The 2024 Lynk & Co 09 has a smooth yet interesting shape that makes it stand out among mid-sized luxury SUVs. While its front-end shape is very sporty, it’s split-level matrix LED headlights and intricate LED taillight design give it a classier and more luxurious look.

The first examples of the all-new LYNK & CO 09 model (there are three levels of trim) are now available at the Auto Class showroom on Salwa Road. The 2024 09 is the flagship of the fleet alongside the 01, 03 and 05 models which can also see in the same showroom. Lynk & Co is a subsidiary of the GEELY company, a large, progressive and well-established company in China which also owns Volvo in Europe, making Lynk & Co a kind of technical cousin to Volvo. The 09 can similarly be called a technical cousin of the latest Volvo XC90 but where the XC90 is boxy and looks like a standard three-row family transport, the Lynk & Co 09, with its floating roofline, narrower rear quarter glass and a raked rear windscreen, looks very contemporary and will not strike viewers as a three-row SUV until the doors actually open, and then – voila!

The Lynk & Co is wonderful to drive. Its turbocharged engine, with added power from the extra electric motor, gives powerful acceleration and safe overtaking – just feel the horsepower and torque – while staying super smooth and quiet. The eight-speed automatic transmission provides seamless gear changes and with the excellent driving position and all-round visibility it’s easy to feel totally in charge and in control of any traffic and road situation that may crop up – city or highway. Steering is feather-light at low speeds and rock solid at high speeds. The 09 reaches 100 km/h in less than eight seconds which is great for a large family SUV and boasts a top speed of 215 km/h.

The driving and gear controls are attractive and user-friendly. The electronics and screens are state-of-the-art, almost futuristic and in the gorgeous luxury of the cabin they are an absolute pleasure to use.


ENGINE Powerful and smooth 2.0 litre turbocharged, direct injection, mild hybrid

MAX POWER 254 hp (189 kW) @ 5,500 rpm

TORQUE 350 Nm (257 lb-ft) from as low as 1,800 rpm up to 4,800 rpm

PERFORMANCE From a standing start,100 km/h comes up in under eight seconds; plus a top speed of 215 km/h

TRANSMISSION Front wheel drive, with smooth eight-speed automatic transmission


The 09 looks imposing and is both smooth and with interesting design details. The two-tier headlight design is distinctive with its matrix LED technology and no less than 84 diodes. There’s a large and upright grille with vertical slats, plus a full-width chrome strip that ties in the opening and the main lamp units. The corner air intakes are also quite large and give the car a more aggressive look. As with all Lynk & Co models, the 09 features a window accent strip from the base of the front pillars to the rear spoiler, along with black rear pillars for a “floating roof” look. There are (fake) vents in the front doors, as well as subtle chrome strips that connect the front bumper, side sills and rear bumper. The rear has a fairly sporty diffuser design with (very sporty) quad tailpipes, complemented by dynamic full-width taillights.

With its striking silhouette and almost OCD-like attention to detail, the Lynk & Co 09 is a triumph of artistic design – an easy marriage of elegance and sportiness, with dynamic lines that capture attention from every angle, while the bold front grille proudly announces a vehicle that stands apart from the crowd.


The classy design continues on the inside, where the immediate impression is one of luxury, quality and comfort. The soft Nappa leather and other premium materials, plus expert craftsmanship, mean that you sit and drive literally ’in the lap of luxury’. I was absolutely amazed when I got back to the showroom that I had ‘only’ been driving the mid-level trim. It seems the top trim level sports, among others, a massage function in the seats – my goodness, the 09 is not far from being a relaxing luxury spa on wheels!

The new 09 sports an elbow-friendly centre stack with a cute gear selector, a full-width air vent and large displays for both infotainment and instrumentation. The dashboard and head-up display provide your immediate and essential driving information and the full-size central touchscreen is an absolute joy to use. It’s loaded with information and things to do – but it’s user-friendly: this includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging and a BOSE premium sound system with fourteen speakers

Meeting the 09 is not a ‘quick fling’; there is so much information, on so many levels, the screen is so attractive with buttery-smooth ease of use, you’ll be in love for a long time… Don’t forget the plush front seats with large integrated headrests, and carbon-like decor on the dashboard and doors; nor the side window sunshades in back and the individual second-row ‘captain’ seats. And, believe it or not, there’s a third row, and luggage space to boot…


The SPA platform provides a favourable base for a premium vehicle, high crash protection, and low noise, vibration and harshness. The highest standards of safety and security are at the core of the Lynk & Co design philosophy, formulated in Europe with its sister company. There are 23 advanced driver assistance systems which together with a plethora of strategic airbags and high-strength body construction are designed to prevent an accident and save your life. That is peace of mind…

To learn about the 09, and all the new generation of Lynk & Co cars in Qatar, call 4040 1444 or, better, visit Auto Class Cars at the Salwa Road showroom. Now, in Ramadan, it’s a great time to buy and the friendly and informative staff stand ready and eager to answer all your questions.

PS. Link & Co offers a great manufacturer’s warranty – six years or 200,000 km coverage.

Author:  Terry Sutcliffe

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