The second edition of the International Amber Exhibition opened on 8 January at Katara Hall, Building 12 of Katara Cultural Village. 

Thirteen countries, in addition to representatives from different International Amber bodies, will participate in the exhibition. There will be more than 90 stalls and a display platform will also be set up.

The Katara amber exhibition is the first exhibition dedicated to amber in Qatar. It is the second largest international exhibition on amber ore after the international exhibition, which was held in Poland.

Katara Cultural Village General Manager Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said that since the launch of the first edition in January 2019, Katara International Amber Exhibition has held its rightful place as a permanent international forum for amateurs and traders in the amber industry.

We have opened a permanent headquarters for amber at one of our buildings and have also signed a set of agreements to establish training and educational workshops under the supervision of international experts, to review specifications and standards in cooperation with international institutions specialising in amber.’

International Amber Exhibition International Amber Exhibition Dr Al Sulaiti added that this enhances the position of Qatar as an international destination for trade and acquisition of amber in the world, in addition to making the exhibition an ideal global platform to promote the industry and spread knowledge about the latest developments in the sector.

2nd Katara International Amber ExhibitionThe second edition of the exhibition is expected to see a significant jump in the sales and in the number of visitors from within and outside Qatar, considering the success of the first edition and the increasing number of companies participating in the second exhibition. Other events were also held on the sidelines of the first exhibition, including technical and craft workshops about measurements, quality, and quality tests, in addition to platforms for displaying rare amber stones. There were also lectures and presentations about the culture and acquisition of amber.

Khalid Abdul Raheem Al Sayed, General Supervisor of the Amber exhibition, said the second edition will witness the functioning of a special headquarters for amber at Katara, and will be aptly covered by the media.

The headquarters for amber will allow for exchange of experiences between producers, amateurs and customers. The media coverage will help take the message to all amber lovers and those interested in this trade around the world.’

The exhibition will have several activities on the side, including lectures and seminars dealing with the culture and acquisition of amber, and display of amber lamps, and opportunities for exhibitors, traders and customers for interactions and meetings.

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