The Cultural Village Foundation- Katara will be concluding the 4th Katara European Jazz Festival, today, 12 November, which is held in cooperation with eleven European embassies to the State of Qatar, including: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland.

Over the past few days, the festival attracted Jazz lovers from different age groups and nationalities, which ideally stems from Katara’s keenness to outreach different cultures and peoples from all walks of life.

On 8 November, the festival kicked off with the performances of a German band entitled, ‘Favo’ and a Bulgarian Jazz show by; Hilda Kazasyan Band. As for Thursday night, the audiences rushed to enjoy an Italian band, titled; Filomena Campus Quartet. Following the Italian performance, a band from Switzerland, called; Marc Perrenoud Trio played portions of contemporary Jazz. On the same day, visitors enjoyed some traditional European tones from Portugal, by Lokomotiv band.

As for Friday’s shows, visitors were on a date with the renowned Romanian band, Pan Terra and the French Jazz musicians, Mohamed Najem and his friends, where they provided the public with a glimpse of traditional Jazz tones, as their music draws inspiration from numerous travels with shades of oriental, classical, Jazz integrated with modern flavours.

Noa Lur from Spain and Grzech Piotrowski from Poland, took center stage at Katara’s ambience on Saturday, where Jazz enthusiasts listened to captures of Polish classical and folklore music while snooping on Spanish playful tones by the powerful vocalist, Noa Lur.

The closing of the festival is sought to see performances from the Netherlands and Austria behind building 5 at the Cultural Village. The Dutch singer, Ntjam Rosie is scheduled to amuse guests as they listen to her optimistic tones that are full of hope in these tumultuous times when negativity and mistrust seem to dominate the globe, at 7 pm. The European Jazz festival will also feature, David Six from Austria, where integration, organic unity of composition and improvisations incredibly meet, which will be scheduled at 9 pm.

From the sideline activities of the festival, are some artistic workshops by renowned artists that are held in cooperation with Qatar Music Academy. On the festivals’ finale, interested audiences will have the opportunity to attend a ‘Vocal and Songwriting’ workshop by the well-known artist Ntjam Rosie, from 4 pm – 5 pm.

For more information, visit the Katara website