The Permanent Committee for Drug and Alcohol Affairs (PCDAA) organised an awareness lecture for the students of Students Training Centre of Qatar Armed Force (QAF) at Aspire Zone auditorium on Thursday 29 August 2013.

The programme was attended by 500 students and students were distributed awareness flyers, printed materials and posters.

The lecture was held a part of Summer Prevention project and National Strategy to Combat Drugs and ninth phase of national project to create awareness on risks and perils of drugs (Weqaya). It will help in developing preventive sense among students with newer and advanced  methods that correspond with National Strategy.

The PCDAA member and Secretary Maj. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Sameeh presented the lecture on risks and scourge of drugs on public health and its effect on youth and how its negative effects extends economically and socially. He explored causes of drug abuse, means of prevention and role of the individual in confronting it.

Major Al Sameeh stressed on the importance of engaging the leisure of time youth in useful programs and activities developing skills and abilities during summer. He emphasized the children on the importance of sports, cultural and religious activities that are available at sports clubs that help to develop the skill of youth thus moulding good citizens that serve themselves, their families and their country.