Prime Minister and Interior Minister HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani opened the 5th Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference on 2 November 2015. The 3-day event is being held under the theme ‘Sustainable Development and Disaster Management’ at the recently-opened Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre near the City Centre.

‘Sustainable Development and Disaster Management’ conference was held on the day 1 (2 November 2015) of the event.

Major Exhibitors in the Civil Defence Expo

The 5th Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference witnessed a big rise in the number of participants. Almost 97 local and international companies takes part in the exhibition representing 1250 international manufacturing agencies. The expo is arranged in an area of 15000 meter square.

Here are some of the major exhibiting agencies:

Civil Defense Exhibition Doha QatarThe General Directorate of Civil Defence

The pavilion of Civil Defence consists of advanced equipment and vehicles of the Civil Defence. Officers from the General Directorate of Civil Defence were prepared to introduce the equipment and the projects of Civil Defence for the visitors. Large number of people including students and delegates from other GCC countries visited the pavilion and listened to the briefings of the officers.




The Pavilion of Lakhwiya showcases the equipment used for search and rescue operations and latest diving devices used for rescue operations in water. Rescue cylinders used for breathing while harmful chemical leaking, earthquake sensors, are some of the devices displayed in the pavilion. Awareness films are shown for educating the visitors.

Qatar Rail

Metro Project developments are screened in the pavilion. The project works are in progress in line with the guidelines and terms of security sectors including Civil Defence. The Qatar Rail Project gives great importance for safety measures. Safety workshops and site visits and mock drills are conducted in order to raise the safety of workers.

Chubb Fire Company

The Chubb Fire is a leading company working in the field of safety and security devices. The company had participated in all the previous civil defence expos. The company officials said that they had hosted almost 17 international companies from Germany, UK, Portugal, Canada and Croatia.

Teyseer Industrial Supplies and Services, IGI Technologies, G4S Secure Solutions, Al Fardan Group, Al Baraa Security & Safety,  Al Amana Security & Safety, Al Aman Security & Safety, Fahad Trading & Contracting, National Fire Fighting Manufacturing, Woqoud are some of other major companies.

Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle Displayed at Civil Defence Exhibition

Civil Defense Expo 2015DoK-ING, Croatian company displays the MVF-5  Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle. MVF-5 is the unique multifunctional robotic firefighting system developed to extinguish fires in life threatening conditions and inaccessible areas. The system is operated from a safe distance by using remote-control technology. The MVF-5 extends the reach of fire fighters as to protect high risk industrial facilities and other dangerous environments.

Using the remote control technology, the MVF-5 system can be operated from a distance up to 1500 m in line of sight. GPS-INS (Global Position System – Inertial Nafigation System) would turn the current system into a real robot ensuring the MVF-5 return to the original location, even if radio communication is lost.

A sophisticated video system allows the operator to have full control of the vehicle movement during operation. The video system consists of six high resolution and waterproof cameras. One of the cameras is a thermal camera, which allows the MVF-5 to operate during the reduced visibility conditions


2 November 2015

Session on Sustainable Development and Disaster Reduction

Civil Defense Conference 2015 Doha QatarThe conference on Sustainable Development and Disaster Reduction concluded on 2 November 2015 with a number of recommendations emphasizing the willingness of the countries in addressing disasters and joining hands to reduce them.

Under the auspices of HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalfia Al-Thani, the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, the conference was opened with the participation of 300 participants from inside and outside the country.


Recommendations of Sustainable Development and Disaster Reduction Conference

  • To emphasis on civil defense’s efforts to keep pace with the implementation of the sustainable development plan of the State of Qatar in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and according to the United Nations plan for sustainable development and the decisions of the Sendai International Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • To stress on the importance of raising awareness and education at national level on the global sustainable development plan and all international efforts in the field of implementing new world plan.
  • To underline on the importance of the role of governments in supporting international cooperation efforts and global partnership in international development in order to execute sustainable development plan around the globe.
  • To raise awareness and education at national level on the decisions of Sendai International Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and work on the integration of its decisions into national development plans for the Gulf and Arab countries.
  • To empower the necessary efficiency and capacity-building as part of the early preparedness and readiness for Disaster Reduction which will help for achieving the objectives of sustainable development in any country of the world.
  • To stress on the importance of including effective knowledge and experiences in the courses and curricula that contribute to provide the pupils the skills for thinking, problem solving and planning and crisis management effectively and efficiently.
  • To design a specialized training programs for training on arts and applications of crisis management and skills for dealing with crisis to ensure the wider spread of culture of dealing with crises and disasters.
  • To reach the highest international technical standards for guaranteeing school security from the stage of designing of the buildings and educational sites in accordance with the preventive thinking of disasters and crises risks and protect the properties.
  • To popularize and disseminate the strategic thinking to face disasters and crises in accordance with the decisions of the Sendai International Conference on Disaster Reduction.
  • To work on activating the decisions of the Sendai International Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and its integration into the civil defense and emergency plan at the national level.
  • To emphasize on the importance of taking advantage of international and global experiences in the face of disaster risk at its multiple stages and strategies to deal in reducing its repercussions.
  • To work on creating a regional coordination mechanism at the level of the Gulf countries to exchange experiences and information about how to achieve interconnection and coordination between the implementation of the goals of sustainable development and disaster risk reduction in accordance with the decisions of the Sendai International Conference.
  • To give importance for the prospective studies and future scientific induction from a multi-disciplinary perspective Platforms: geological, climatic and religious to get to know the nature of the geological and climatic changes affecting the future of the Arabian Peninsula and how to deal with it.

Session on the Future Vision of the Arabian Peninsula

Dr. Zaghloul El-Naggar, Visiting Professor, World Islamic Sciences and Education University in Amman, Jordan and head of the Commission on Scientific Signs in the Quran and Sunnah, presented a lecture on “Future vision of climate change in the Arabian Peninsula from scientific and Islamic perspective”. He enlightened the audience that according to the pictures of Arabian Peninsula taken by a satellite in 1972, it shows there were a number of dry rivers under the sands as well as many lakes some of them were so bigger to 40 kilometers. He pointed out that Quran has shed light to many facts that can be proved by scientific discoveries and inventions. 

Civil Defense Conference 2015Dr. Mahdi Zare, Member of faculty in International Institute of Earthquake Engineering in Iran, presented his thoughts on “Natural disasters from a geographical perspective in the region”. He stated that we should be aware of the results of scientific studies on the possibilities of disasters in the region and should be prepared to address the risks.

Later on another session was held on “International and national experiences in disaster and crisis management”. This session was presided over by Saber Choudhary, the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Dr. Scott Wells gave his lecture on “the American experience with disasters and crises; before, during and after”. He stated that the local authorities are the first and foremost responsible to handle situations while any disaster occurs. He compared the rescue and disaster reduction tasks taken by the US authorities in Katrina and Rita where the country witnessed a big success in addressing the second hurricane. He told that this was because proper plan and precautions made for it dissimilar to the previous one.

Dr. Clark Portan, General Coordinator at American Institute of Disaster Management presented his lecture on “American experience with disasters and crises; before, during and after”. He lauded the Qatar National Vision 2030 as it included strategic plans for crises and disaster management.

Major Khamis Al Muraikhi, from Lakhwiya delivered his thoughts on “Efforts of Qatari SAR team”. He stated that the Search and Rescue Team of Qatar under the Lakhwiya is a well-equipped professional team dedicated to serve search and rescue operations and help the victims of disasters and crises inside the country and outside as well.  The SAR team is all set to respond to any disasters outside the nation as the team had already involved in almost 40 international operations including Pakistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Chile, Iran, Somalia, Ghazza, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritania, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.