The authentic traditional atmosphere at the 5th Katara Traditional Dhow Festival concluded on a high note. The grand event that witnessed a variety of traditional activities, competitions and dhow displays, had its closing ceremony held on Saturday with the presence of the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation, His Excellency Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti.

Addressing attendees during the rewarding ceremony, HE Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, said:

Amid these festive conditions that remind us with the return of dhows after months of work in pearl diving while families were eagerly waiting for their loved ones, we summon this scene here at Katara beach with much passion to our authentic history.”

Dr Al Sulaiti said:

Fath Al-Kheir Voyage 2 to India is what made the fifth edition of Katara Traditional Dhow Festival a spectacular event. Also, the visit of His Highness the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has a positive and great impact that we are proud of, which continuously motivate us to perform better.’

In his speech, Al Sulaiti exuded thanks to Qatar Petroleum – the diamond sponsor of Katara’s 5th Traditional Dhow Festival; Nakilat – the golden sponsor of Fath Al-Kheir 2 Journey to India; and Qatar TV – the media sponsor along with the Museum Authorities, and the princely workshop for the effort they made in preparing Fath Al Kheir 2 dhow before it set out.

The Omani team of Sur grabbed the first prize of QR 300,000 and a dhow. The Bahraini team of Fath al Khier ranked second with QR 200,000, and the third prize of QR 100,000 went to Omani team of Shukhra.

Dhow Craftsman

As for the sail competition, the announced first winner is the ship captain Fahad Al Addasani, grabbed QR 50,000, while the second winner, ship captain Abdullah Al Muhanadi won a prize of QR 30,000, and the ship captain Khalid Al Manai won QR 20,000.

The winner of Al Haddaq was Ibrahim Khamis Al Badder, with QR 20,000, Saleh Al Khamis Al Badder ranked second with a prize of QR 15,000, while Jassim Mohammed Al Badder won the third prize of QR 10,000.

As for Al Ghazal competition al Thukhairah youth team was announced the winners with QR 30,000, Abu Khalifah team was second with an award of QR 20,000 and Dubail team ranked third with QR 15,000.

As for Al Gargour competition, Saleh Al Auraimi ranked first with QR 20,000, followed by Abdulaziz al Kubaisi with QR 15,000 and Saed Al Buainin with QR 10,000.

Regarding the competition of al Khatfaha, Al Areesh team won the first prize of Qr.20.000 and al Wakra second with Qr.15 .000 and Im al Houl third with prize of QR 10,000.

The announced winners for the rowing competition are Oman team with a prize of QR 50,000, Al Thukhairah team with QR 30,000 and Shnaf team with QR 20,000.

It is noteworthy that the market for gold and pearls has grabbed significant turnout of visitors in this year edition of dhow festival, launched under the theme; ‘The time we made our living from seafaring’.

Dhow Pearl Man copy

The gold and pearl market is held at Katar’s esplanade for the first time as a comprehensive market, which has an added value to the much attended traditional dhow festival that highlights the maritime life of the gulf people prior to oil.

The market was open to the public who enjoyed various products and had the opportunity to buy old style gold designs as well as pearls.

It was home to gold merchants from different parts of the world. It also included widely known commercial brands, such as Damas, Versi, Al Majed, Al Safeer, and Dilo. The market is set to attract the public and the audience to visit Katara and see both the traditional and modern gold and pearls, in one attractive and comprehensive place.

The market also has a laboratory that was held in cooperation with the criteria and specifications management in the Ministry of Environment. It provides modern equipment to inspect the quality of gold.

Through its festivities, Katara’s Fifth Traditional Dhow Festival showcased traditional dhows, identical to the dhows of the 1940s and 1950s.

Photos by © Buenafotos