The world’s finest business jet recently made its inaugural trip to Doha, presenting its impressive credentials to Qatar’s private and business charter market

One of the world’s leading global aviation company, Deer Jet recently unveiled the world’s first 787 Dream Jet in Qatar and in the Middle East. The visit is part of a series of showcases across the globe in Deer Jet’s ‘Dreams Encounter the World‘ tour of key international charter destinations.

Established 22 years ago as the very first business jet operator in China, Deer Jet has been dedicated to serving the global premium business travel market, including the Middle East, since 2013. Deer Jet is set to serve the market across the GCC and wider Middle East region, with buyers from Qatar and other countries expected to be key markets for the company.

According to research by industry expert Hardy Sohanpal, in collaboration with Wealth-X and WingXAdvance, the Middle East has over 5,975 high net-worth individuals (defined as having at least $30 million in assets) with a combined net worth of US$995 billion, further underscoring the company’s decision to target the region.

Frank Fang, Vice President of Deer Jet said:

We are delighted to bring this unique aircraft to Doha. Its showcases the signature service of Deer Jet which is inspired by the values of performance, elegance and distinction. With the 787 Dream Jet, we are proud to serve discerning business and leisure travellers in the Middle East and we recognise this market as one of the largest in the world for premium travel. Our goal is to provide the best flying experience for our customers and make travel an art.’

The popular, efficient and reliable Boeing 787 is of course in widespread service with the national airline, Qatar Airways.

Deer Jet Vice President Frank Fang
Deer Jet Vice President Frank Fang

In May 2016, Deer Jet accepted the world’s first BBJ 787 VVIP, and made its maiden flight to Hong Kong in September. Deer Jet has branded the aircraft as 787 Dream Jet, and launched a renewed brand philosophy of Making Travel an Art, as it builds on its reputation as a world leading service provider for premium business travel.

With the 787 Dream Jet as its flying platform, Deer Jet has chosen the best pilots and first class stewards to deliver ultimate services and a superior travel experience for travellers. Pilots have over 2,000 hours international flight experience, plus more than 10,000 total flying hours. A total of 12 pilots from a total of 1,000 currently flying 787s for HNA Airline Group have been selected to be part of the Dream Team.

Deer Jet’s Dream Team stewards use 7-star hospitality standards, as true inflight butlers, evoking different feelings for the variety of customers they serve, in any given flight.  In line with this, the style and colour of cabin is frequently changed. Deer Jet curated spaces are decorated with hand-picked amenities and bespoke collections of precious crystals, cushions, silverware, and porcelain.

787 Dream Jet Interior
787 Dream Jet Interior

Fang added that this new service in the Middle East market is just the first step for Deer Jet as they eye further expansion in the region.

A growing generation of Premium travellers are looking to maximise their leisure time in the most opulent surroundings; not only do we make premium travel a slick and less time-consuming process, we also do it in superior style.’

The B787-8 Dream Jet can fly continuously for over 18 hours, or 16,000 kilometres, so given the geographical location of Doha, the Dream Jet can reach any major city in the world, non-stop. This is in part due to the aircraft’s construction mainly from carbon fibre material, making it lighter and more fuel efficient. Prices start from $70,000 per hour.

The Dream Jet also offers a more comfortable and healthier flying experience. Newly circulated clean air flows through the cabin, ensuring a healthy environment for passengers as dust and any bacteria is filtered during the process of airflow.

In flight, most conventional passenger jets have a cabin pressure of around 7,500 to 8,000 feet above sea level, which contributes to passengers feeling unwell in flight and to jet lag after the flight. 787 cabin pressure is set to a maximum of 6,000 feet where tests have proven that passengers remain perfectly comfortable on board even on an 18-hour journey, and feel significantly less jet lag after flying in the 787.

Deer Jet is also launching exclusive, bespoke travel packages aboard the 787 Dream Jet starting with the Hong Kong to Tahiti Dream Journey.  It features a seven-night charter package including complimentary accommodation at the Presidential Suite of St Regis Bora Bora Resort. It plans to add more itineraries in the future as part of its goal to create seamless travel to fulfil its vision of Making Travel an Art, through best-in-class service inspired by Deer Jet’s values of elegance, performance and distinction.