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Timings for Essential Services

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Opening hours across Qatar change during the month of Ramadan. While many offices and non-essential shops are closed because of COVID-19, supermarkets, banks and medical facilities remain open. Read more

Other News Beyond COVID-19

Saba Arbilli Doha Qatar Jeffin Kakkassery
The first cases of COVID-19 began to appear in Qatar in March 2020. There has been much going on in the country beyond COVID-19. Here are a few highlights.

Stay Healthy this Ramadan

intrrcontinental doha ramadan
Having a balanced Iftar is important as it’s the meal that will help you restore your energy. Here are a few tips to help you find a healthier way to break your fast and make the rest of your Ramadan a healthy one.

A Ramadan Night for Children

Garanga’oh: A Ramadan Night for Children
Garanga’oh, also known as Girgaoon, is a children's festivity celebrated across the Gulf region around the 14th day of Ramadan. Read about the tradition behind this fun night for kids.
Qatar Airways CFM deal

Qatar Airways to Resume Flights

Qatar Airways announced that the airline will begin a phased approach to expanding its network in line with passenger demand evolution and the expected relaxation of entry restrictions around the world. Read more

Unique Dates to Remember in May

Hello May Doha Qatar Marhaba Qatar
We are all familiar by now with that famous play on a date at the start of this month: ‘May the 4th be with you.’ But that’s not the only crazy thing that’s happening in May. Here is a list of our favourites.

Tips For Taking Your Pet to the Vet

Qatar Veterinary Centre Doha Qatar
At some stage in your pet’s life a trip to the vets will be required – annual vaccinations, health concerns, relocation to another country, and so on. This can be stressful for both the owner and the pet. Here are some useful tips.
food reviews
Marhaba Online colleagues and staff have been fortunate and honoured to be invited to sample some of the best food available in Qatar right now. Truthfully, all are very good and delicious, but don’t just take our word for it.

Ramadan is a wonderful time to taste local and regional specialities. This month is the best time to visit Beirut, Damascus and Cairo so, as you can’t fly, let Qatar’s international chefs whisk you there with their culture, experience and amazing expertise.
Food Delivery and Takeaway in Qatar Hotels - Ramadan 2020
Do the reviews convince you? Here is the exclusive listing featuring the Ramadan menus of Qatar's leading hotels and restaurants.

Keep Your Vitamin D in Check

Keep Your Vitamin D in Check to Fight COVID-19
Recent research has shown that there may be a link towards a deficiency in a vital vitamin and the novel coronavirus. Researchers in Asia and Europe with COVID-19 mortality rates have found that there are significant relationships between vitamin D levels and the number of fatalities. Read more

Courses To Expand Your Horizons

Online Courses To Expand Your Horizons
Whether you are working from home, or doing a six hour work day, you might find that you have quite a bit of spare time on your hands. What better way to use your free time than to learn new skills? We have put together some useful courses that you can learn online to enhance your skills and improve your resume.
This week's top choices for newsletter

Motoring Review: The 2020 All-New Porsche 718

718 Cayman S und 718 Boxster S
The number may be somewhat new, but the Boxster and Cayman remain among the best choices for those requiring a quality badge and a sublime driving experience, without wandering into super-expensive supercar territory. Read the review here.
ritz-carlton staycation

The Best Deals in Qatar

Staycations in Qatar just got a whole lot better! To celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan, hotels in Qatar are including free Iftar and Suhoor meals when you spend the weekend away with them. Read more

Chat Corner

Jitranuch Marhaba Qatar
In this new series, Marhaba brings to you the self isolation, social distancing and working from home experiences of fellow Dohaites.
In this week's Chat Corner Jittranuch of Centara West Bay shares her self isolation and work from home experience.

Free Online Sessions

Brain Education Middle East Doha Qatar
Brain Education Middle East is providing online Holistic Mental & Physical Health Training complimentary in this special Ramadan spirit of giving.

Get the full details here.

Sayadieh Rice

Sayadieh rice souq waqif
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Kebab Bil Karaz

kebab al najada
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Lamb Shakriya

lamb shakriya al najada
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