Good design is a way of life at Volvo in Sweden, not a luxury. They start by working out what people need and what will make their lives easier. With the new XC90, Volvo redefined the luxury SUV aften finding elegant solutions to complex problems.

Volvo is not German, nor Japanese; it’s Swedish. And it offers unique, distinct advantages, most importantly regarding safety.

The enhanced City Safety collision avoidance technology can help avoid or mitigate collisions with other cars, pedestrians and cyclists in your path. City Safety also includes Braking in Intersection – another world-first from Volvo Cars. If you should turn into the path of an oncoming car at an intersection, your XC90 will brake automatically to help mitigate a collision or prevent it altogether.

Volvo XC90 T6 InteriorThe standard IntelliSafe technologies also include preventive safety features such as Road Sign Information, Lane Departure Warning and Electronic Stability Control.

Everything about the all-new Volvo XC90 is intuitive and smart, keeping you in touch with your entire environment and your life. In addition to safety advances, Apple CarPlay is a perfect match with Volvo’s Scandinavian Design approach. The large centre screen is user-friendly and intuitive, and the heads-up display makes it possible to see information, such as navigation, speed and incoming calls. They appear to hover discreetly in the air a few feet in front of the car. Messages are semi-transparent and adapt to the surrounding light.

Volvo believes that cars should be healthy, too. CleanZone is their approach to your car’s interior environment. Volvo offers an Interior Air Quality System that checks incoming air for pollutants and closes the vents when necessary. An active carbon filter also helps protect you from harmful gases and unpleasant odours – so you can breathe happy and healthy.

With Volvo it’s not only a strong body that’s keeping you safe, it’s also an intelligent mind…


ENGINE Two-litre supercharged and turbocharged DOHC, 16 valves, variable valve timing

MAX POWER 316 hp (235kW) @ 5,700

MAX TORQUE 295 lb-ft @ 2,200 – 4,500 rpm

ACCELERATION 0 – 100 kph in 6.9 secs

DRIVELINE Geartronic 8-speed shiftable automatic with All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)

EXTERIOR A completely new yet unmistakable and totally impressive presence on our roads; this tough, handsome Swede is an upright fellow with just a hint of sleek fashion in the slightly sloping bonnet and flared rear fenders; the grille is proud and flat, the pattern of the LED daytime running lights is called ‘Thor’s Hammer’ in a bow to current cinematic trends and legendary Scandinavian power

INTERIOR Beautifully detailed, top quality leather and wood trim give the XC90 unmatchable elegance; distinctively Volvo style, with more room than anybody else, positively asserts calm reassurance; beautiful dashboard and excellent centre screen, almost as large as an iPad Air, brings closer the era when your car and your phone are seamlessly interconnected; fabulous Bowers & Wilkins hi-fi recreates the sound of the Gothenburg Concert Hall inside your Volvo XC90

SAFETY/SECURITY Two new ‘World First’ safety features add to the industry-leading historic and visionary technologies preventing accidents and protecting all those involved; not enough space here, check it out at the showroom on Khalifa St

Volvo XC90 Steel Frame

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Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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