Porsche don’t build cars, they build sports cars, with passion and enthusiasm, for people who dare to desire to drive with the same. And the 911 is the very identity of the whole company. The Porsche 911 was, and is, a truly distinctive design, using technology born on the race track, providing emotional impact that has been standard since 1963.

But don’t think for one minute that this car is old in any way. No fewer than 90% of the components are either new or have been fundamentally revised. This is the Porsche approach to the preservation of tradition while continuously extending the boundaries of technology and driver satisfaction.

Every detail of the design and the engineering has been used to highlight what matters most, the sporting credibility that only a Porsche can offer. The result is clear: you – and everybody – knows you are in a Porsche.

And yes it is fun. Even while respecting the rules of public roads, you will be so happy, exhilarated even, to drive this car, this sports car, this Porsche. Maybe any Porsche, but the 911 is the very essence of what driving should be all about.

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You may be happy enough in ‘normal’ mode, and truthfully you could be very content. But press the button for ‘sports’ mode and you will be happier. Guaranteed. Performance-wise and sound-wise, and that’s not to denigrate the otherwise superb Hi-Fi sound system if you wish to listen to mere mortal music… And then press the button with the exhaust icon and the sound is now from another dimension – this car has extreme aural excitement guaranteed. Period.

It is exhilarating to feel the power available – at any speed – and the instant response to your needs, to feel excitement and control in all manoevres. Equally impressive is the smooth yet firm braking power that can bring you to a halt in an incredibly short time and space. Fabulous.

My words are not enough. You HAVE TO drive it.

Ergonomics, style and sound. Sports car technology, intelligently combined.

ENGINE 3.4 litre boxer, six horizontally opposed cylinders, direct fuel injection (DFI), VarioCam Plus

MAX POWER 350 hp (257 kW) @ 7,400 rpm

MAX TORQUE 390 Nm @ 5,600 rpm

MAX SPEED 287 kph (80 – 120 kph in 2.8 secs)

ACCELERATION 0 – 100 kph in 4.4 secs

TRANSMISSION Rear-wheel drive with super-efficient PDK gearbox (no interruption in the flow of power)

EXTERIOR The silhouette is typically 911. Its long wheelbase provides a high level of driving stability and excellent cornering dynamics. Bi-Xenon headlights have familiar oval-shaped surrounds and with integrated LED indicators and running lights, together with two integral air intakes, they make the front of the 911 unmistakable; at the rear, everything is clean and sharp: the styling, the appearance and the effect: distinct lines, narrow LED tail lights accentuating the horizontal contouring of the rear; finally, the stainless steel tailpipes – an unmistakable Porsche feature

INTERIOR Everything is within easy reach and exclusively designed to suit the driver. Ascending centre console, high quality materials and the latest technology enable you to maintain composure even when pushed to the extreme

SAFETY/SECURITY Every system – suspension, chassis, cabin and power delivery – is engineered to enhance performance and driver satisfaction, and at the same time to strengthen the active and passive safety capabilities of an awesome driving machine

The Porsche Centre (Al Boraq Auto) on Airport Street will be pleased to arrange a test drive of the latest Cayman S or any of its sports cars and SUVs for Marhaba readers. Call 4459 9666.

For more information, visit Porsche Qatar’s website.

Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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