EcoKids, a free international summer event for children under A Flower Each Spring Program (a member of Qatar Foundation), recently teamed-up with Nutree Holistic Center to teach children around the world on the importance of exercising and eating healthy. Their collaboration aims to motivate children to be more physically active and eat healthy.

EcokidsNutree Holistic Center is a rehabilitation centre designed to uplift clients in wellness treatments and to promote well-being as a way of life. The centre is structured by qualified experts and doctors and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as Quantum Wellness, a ‘first-of-its-kind’ in the GCC.

The centre encouraged and surprised children with two special guests – fitness instructor and head of Department of Hydrotherapy Machine and Kids GYM Sabra Ben Said, and Nutree Holistic Center Head Chef Nicolai Pangilinan who demonstrated healthy food preparation – making healthy home-made ice cream.

It was a fun opportunity for children to learn body movement and talk about healthy food. Every child stood up with a huge smile following instructions from Sabra during the physical workout. They were also glued to Chef Nicolai and couldn’t wait for the Q&A.

Fatma Hassan, host of the EcoKids english sessions and event/school coordinator for A Flower Each Spring Program (FES), said they are very happy for the opportunity to collaborate with Nutree Holistic Center.

The episode about exercising and eating healthy also tackled critical questions on food and nutrition, what it means to eat healthy, what are the benefits of eating healthy, and what harmful food can do to your body. The sessions encouraged children to avoid staying late for bed and eating unhealthy foods, spending time sitting down and watching TV or playing video games.

Hassan also pointed out the importance of physical activity in helping children grow and encouraged them to do sports, or walk, run, jump around – and do anything that makes their hearts beat faster as these are beneficial for their health and development.

In partnership with the Kuwait Environmental Protection Society, A Flower Each Spring Program is promoting education, entertainment and love of the environment through their free summer programme, EcoKids. Their summer programme through their online platform and weekly episondes are created to reach children all over the world.

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