Looking for a fun, intimate place to enjoy a night out with friends or a loved one? Then you must try Social Kebab at the vibrant Walima at Mondrian Doha – delicious food, great service and a cosy ambience.

One of the most fascinating places to dine in Qatar is Walima where you can revel in delectable Middle Eastern cuisine served with warm Qatari hospitality and service. It’s a design marvel with black and white walls and a continuation of the hotel’s Alice in Wonderland-inspired design theme, as diners sit under a ceiling bursting with a sea of multi-coloured Arabic lamps.

The grassy terrace is just as beautiful with cabanas covered with leaves (perfect for a group of friends celebrating a special occasion), Moroccan lamps, oversized white shishas and more unique designs, with views of Lusail City and the West Bay lagoon.

On Mondays, it’s kebab night at Walima. Social Kebab brings you a selection of cold and hot mezzehs, chicken and beef kebabs, and of course, dessert. A menu that’s plenty for two!

It begins with cold mezzehs, which include the popular Middle Eastern choices such as hummus, tabbouleh, yalanji or warak enab (vine leaves). However, a unique cold mezzeh is the very appetising Green Vegetable Armenian Salad, which is similar to tabbouleh, comprising fresh green vegetables, onions and chilli. The hot mezzehs include beef kibbeh, cheese rolls and spicy potato kibbeh. Nothing was left untouched or unfinished.

Chef Sezar at the grill
Chef Sezar at the grill


Then came what we’ve all been waiting for From The Grill: beef, chicken and mushroom kebabs (mushroom flavoured meat kebab), and saffron kubayda (Turkish saffron flavoured meat kebab). Four delectable kebabs on beautiful golden skewers, each with a unique flavour, perfectly grilled, and soft textured. The kebabs are served with grilled vegetables, white rice and garlic sauce.

The grill is towards the end of the terrace where you’ll find charming Oriental Chef Sezar Eliass. Who knew kebabs required a certain expertise? But when you taste these kebabs, it will make sense. Chef Sezar is as delightful as the kebabs with a great sense of humour. He said he doesn’t invest in colognes because the grill’s smoke is all the cologne he needs.

Last but not least, for dessert, you’re served more kebabs – fruit kebabs lightly covered in chocolate, and served with yogurt/honey sauce and walnuts.

Social Kebab Menu

QAR295 with food and unlimited arak

Every Monday, 6 pm – 10 pm

For more information or reservations, call 4045 5999.

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Author: Ola Diab

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