The International School of London (ISL) Qatar received a very positive MYP Evaluation Report from the IB in The Hague, stating that the school has shown satisfactory development in the implementation of its second of three IB programmes.

The report was received after the Evaluation Visit when two official MYP representatives carried out the process over a three-day visit earlier this year, in April.

The two visitors interviewed teachers, students, parents and members of the school’s leadership team and visited many MYP classes. All IB World Schools – such as ISL Qatar – go through the process of evaluation once every five years to ensure that the standards and practices of the programmes are maintained according to their requirements.

The MYP at ISL Qatar was commended for:

  • MYP Evaluation ISL QatarActively promoting communication based on understanding and respect.
  • Effectively supporting student language learning through the development of students’ mother tongues and the acquisition of other languages, including the host country language and culture.
  • Actively demonstrating pedagogical leadership and promoting good practice.
  • Implementing a broad range of systems to counsel students through the MYP.
  • Planning units that include broad learning experiences to promote student awareness of local, national and world issues.
  • Guiding students to become actively responsible for their own learning.
  • Building a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect throughout the school community.
  • Using a variety of types of formative assessment to provide regular feedback to students on their learning.
  • Implementing systems to regularly analyse assessment data in all pastoral and academic areas in order to inform both child welfare, and teaching and learning.

The MYP at ISL Qatar will continue to develop:

  • ISL Doha, QatarThe use of global contexts for inquiry-based learning.
  • A system for the cyclic review of the planning of approaches to learning skills.
  • The collaboration of vertical and horizontal articulation of the curriculum.
  • Opportunities for student involvement in, and reflection on, service aligned with the MYP learning outcomes for service.

ISL Qatar has an outstanding reputation for high academic standards, prestigious International Baccalaureate programmes and an impressive record of admission to the best universities worldwide. The student body of 1,000 are aged from three to 18 years old.

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