Qatar National Day
Image courtesy of Deviant Art

Every year, Qataris and residents proudly celebrate Qatar National Day on 18 December. There are a wide range of activities for families organised throughout Doha. Check out our post ‘Qatar National Day 2013‘ to find out what’s going on on the National Day. For people with disabilities, a little bit of planning can ensure that your experience is accessible and hassle free. This year, the Hukoomi portal has identified the accessibility features of Qatar National Day venues and events throughout the country. This page also features some fundamental accessibility tips to consider when going out to celebrate all the fun and magic of Qatar National Day.


Visit the Hukoomi site to learn about the accessibility features of different events and activities.

  • If you intend on visiting a particular venue, take the time to visit ahead of National Day. If there are any contact details, be sure to get in touch with them via email or telephone.
  • Ask the event organisers where you should park, which entrance you should use and will the flooring be suitable for wheelchairs – Sand and wheels do not always work well together!
  • Ask for information to be provided electronically, so that you can read it with any technology you use
  • Be sure to plan for transportation times and large crowds.
  • If you are driving enter the details into a GPS system to help you find the event easily.


  • Be prepared to spend long hours in the car; take food water and medication; be comfortable.
  • Identify wheelchair accessible parking spots prior to visiting any location.
  • Upon arrival, be sure to let Police officers know that you have a person with a disability in the car.
  • Make sure you have a mobile phone available to request help should you need it.


  • Try to immediately identify accessible bathrooms, if you haven’t done so prior to your visit.
  • Ask event organisers if they have special viewing areas or activities coordinated specifically for persons with disabilities.
  • Be sure to prepare for large crowds with high energy.


  • Give feedback to the organisers on what worked well and what caused you any problems to help with planning in 2013.
  • Visit WheelMap and enter information on accessible sites and facilities in Qatar – help others to find accessible activities.
  • Remember that Qatar National Day is an occasion where everyone loves to celebrate. The day is usually characterized by enthusiastic crowds and traffic jams. Be prepared to join in the fun, and for people with disabilities, be prepared for a long and exciting day.