The upcoming Summer Camp at Acorn Nursery will offer fun activities for children two months to four years old. Prepare your children for the start of the new academic year by re-introducing them to school routines and the ‘new normal’. 

acorn nursery

The Summer Camp at Acorn Nursery is planning to begin this month, subject to final approval from the authorities. Camp is a time of informal, play-based activities where children will be re-introduced to nursery routines after the long absence enforced by the COVID-19 crisis. It is a vital opportunity for them to re-connect with friends and staff while adapting to the new coronavirus restrictions.

The following video has been prepared by the staff at Acorn Nursery to show parents what they can expect when the nursery re-opens.

Please note that parents are required to comply with these ‘COVID-19 Parent Agreement’:

✓ Keep their child at home if anyone in their household has either shown COVID-19 symptoms, or is not showing ‘Green’ on the EHTERAZ app;
✓ Show the EHTERAZ app, have their temperature taken, and maintain social distancing when they visit the nursery;
✓ Stay out of the nursery buildings;
✓ Confirm that their child has not been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19;
✓ Sterilise personal items (such as water bottles, lunch boxes, etc) every day;
✓ Prevent toys, books and other items from bring brought into nursery by their child;
✓ Ensure that their child is fully immunised, as per the guidelines of MoPH;
✓ Declare the recent travel history outside Qatar of all members of their immediate household.

To register for the Summer Camp at Acorn Nursery please download and fill in this form.  

For more information, you can call these numbers: to reach the Ain Khalid campus please call 4038 7684 / 5056 3088 or to reach the Al Khor campus, call 4471 3597 / 5066 2510.