Action on Diabetes has announced the launch of the accredited Diabetes Education programme, developed in partnership with College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), in the next phase of its campaign to develop expertise in the field of Diabetes in Qatar.

Programme manager of Action on Diabetes, Herluf Nis Thomsen, said:

Action on Diabetes has launched a number of initiatives to help tackle diabetes in Qatar, from training programmes and mobile clinics to awareness campaigns designed to benefit both healthcare professionals and community members. In line with this, the new Fundamentals of Diabetic Education programme will provide participants with a solid foundation in diabetes care management and education, enabling them to apply the skills needed to practice safely and effectively in their local area.’

The new Fundamentals of Diabetic Education programme, based on education modules according to the guidelines of the International Diabetes Federation, will provide diabetes educators with the necessary skills and knowledge required to specialise in the field of diabetes education. On completion of the six-month course, graduates will have a solid foundation in diabetes care management and will be able to apply the skills and abilities needed to practice safely and effectively. In addition, they will be able to plan, deliver, and evaluate patient education on the condition.

Those taking part in the programme will have the high level of communication skills and ethical and professional competence needed to work with patients who may be feeling confused and distressed about the impact of Diabetes on their lives. The course will be conducted over two, three-hour evening sessions per week, supplemented with clinical practice at the national diabetes centre in HMC. Senior Diabetes Educator – HMC, Manal Othman, said:

Greater education and awareness are critical if we are to collectively meet the Diabetes challenge in Qatar. The launch of this programme represents an important step forward in building local capacity to reduce the burden of this disease; we are pleased to lend our expertise in supporting the development of high quality health professionals able to provide evidence-based diabetes care. As always, it has been a pleasure collaborating with Action on Diabetes and CNA-Q to deliver this programme.’

The launch of the new programme highlights Action on Diabetes’ commitment to improving the skills and expertise of diabetes educators in Qatar. Diabetes is one of Qatar’s greatest health challenges and is estimated to affect 16.7% of citizens (according to the 2012 Qatar STEPwise report). The introduction of the Diabetes Education programme is a key part of the strategy being implemented to help the health authorities tackle the diabetes problem in Qatar.

The new training sessions are part of a wider awareness programme led by Action on Diabetes in its goal to prevent the condition and limit its spread. Previous campaign examples include the Ramadan Awareness campaign, which was launched in collaboration with a number of institutions and bodies within in the state; and the Workplace Health campaign, which visited several workplaces including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar.