As lockdown ends, restaurants and cafes have launched endless special deals and offers to entice the Doha crowd back out on the town. But the Afternoon Tea at Park Hyatt Doha distinguished itself from the crowd with an incredible 5 course offering from The Living Room that wowed and thrilled us. Not only was the food delicious, but every bite was so immaculately designed – it was almost too good to eat!

A highlight of this experience was that not only did all of the treats on offer taste delicious – but they looked incredible as well. It was easy to see how much effort had been put in by Chef Steffan Schnetzke and his team to make the meal a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

To begin our afternoon tea we decided to indulge in a mocktail – after all why not! Our amuse-bouche arrived shortly afterwards and it’s safe to say neither of us had ever seen anything like it! It was a chocolate cotton candy tree donned with gorgeous, colourful and edible flowers. The highlight was that everything, and I do mean everything was edible! The base was made of sugar bites and mini macaroons, the tree trunk was made of dark chocolate and the canopy was made of pure white cotton candy.

The next course to arrive at the table, along with some napkins for our sticky fingers, were the Savory Canapes. My eye was immediately drawn to the goat cheese and mascarpone cone with avacado salsa. Goats cheese is a particular favourite of mine and this treat did not disappoint! The explosion of the goat cheese and mascarpone flavour was paired perfectly with smooth, richness of the avacado salsa. Nestled on the same plate were the green asparagus tarts with black truffle. This quickly became another favourite of mine, with a refreshing, light texture almost like a quiche.

Served alongside the goats cheese cone and the asparagus tart were the sandwiches. We were given a generous helping of both the truffled eggs and leek sandwich and the spicy, corn-fed chicken sandwich. Both were incredible but the creaminess of the chicken sandwich combined with it’s spiciness made for an intriguing combination. Finally, we sampled the bite-sized mozzarella sandwich topped with a sweet mango guacamole. This savory course was going to be hard to beat!

After a while nibbling at our savoury canapes and sipping our fruity mocktail, our next course arrived. What else could it be at Afternoon Tea but traditional, home-baked scones served with dollops of fluffy clotted cream and sweet strawberry jam? All we could talk about was the wonderful taste and how classy we felt and of course the age old debate  – which do you spread on first: your jam or your cream?

After every crumb of our scones had been hoovered up, we were served our next course: the Patisserie Francaise. This was the highlight of the meal – especially for those with a sweet-tooth! The first dish to catch our eye was the strawberry shortbread tartlet which was literally smoking. Served on a bed of dry ice, this dish is one of the most Instagram-able on the menu. And not only is a treat for the eyes, it’s a delight for the taste buds as well. After our strawberry tart we dived in to the pistachio creamux. The nuttiness of the creamux worked perfectly with the sweetness of the delicate sliver of chocotate that rested on top.

Afterwards we were craving a chocolate fix, so we reached for the Madagascar chocolate profiteroles. Neither of us had ever tried one before and we were very pleasantly surprised! The firm outer layer housed a gooey centre of rich, creamy chocolate that was so satisfyingly sumptuous. Although the profiteroles were outstanding, my favourite dessert of the evening had to be the mango passion fruit desire. This dish wasn’t necessarily sweet but fresh and fruity.

Finally, with our sugar rush abated by a wonderful cup of tea, we were served our final course – the Gateau Roule. This was certainly the pièce de résistance of the evening. The Chantilly cake roll studded with berries, squeezes of lime, a flood of berry jam and topped with pink chocolate flakes. Wow!

The whole leisurely experience was incredible – after being cooped up during lockdown – this afternoon tea felt like the ultimate freedom. We were sitting outside, enjoying a cool breeze and the sunshine, with a mocktail, expertly prepared dishes and the best part: you could showcase the entire experience on Instagram! Each dish was a not only delicious but beautiful and just begging to be Insta-famous.

Afternoon Tea is available from The Living Room at the Park Hyatt, Doha from 3 pm – 7 pm. The price is just QAR260 for two people. Visit their website or call 4009 1234 to book your reservation now! Don’t forget you can also book a private room to enjoy your afternoon tea with just your friends – however you will need to pre-book in advance.

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Author: Charlotte Wright

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