Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is the home of local football team, Al Rayyan Sports Club. The stadium officially opened on 18 December 2020, hosting the final of The Amir Cup, becoming the fourth operational FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ venue. The arena is capable of hosting 40,000 fans.

The stadium incorporates features of Qatari culture in its magnificent façade, one of the most striking aspects of the stadium. The glowing façade’s patterns characterise different aspects of the country: the importance of family, the beauty of the desert, the native flora and fauna, and local and international trade. The façade surrounds a compact seating structure, giving a sense of feeling much closer to all of the action on the pitch. A lightweight canopy and advanced cooling systems protect fans from the elements, providing maximum comfort.

Traditional design elements continue on the surrounding buildings, with dune-shaped hospitality areas and retail outlets. Thanks to its lighting system, the entire area will be spectacular at nighttime as the buildings softly glow.

The Ahmad Bin Ali stadium complex has used more than 80% of construction materials from the former venue on the site (with the same name) – in fact, any trees that needed to be moved have been replanted! Any new materials have been chosed for environmental qualities. The stadium received a 4-star Global Sustainability Assessment System certification in October 2018. The stadium’s carbon footprint has been reduced thanks to energy and water efficiency measures, and its close connection to the metro.

Post-tournament, the seating capacity will be reduced to 20,000 with the other 20,000 donated to football development projects overseas. In legacy mode, there will be six football training pitches and a multitude of other sporting facilities.