Children and young people from across Qatar who inspire their communities through their behaviours, actions and strong moral character will be celebrated this week during Qatar Foundation’s Akhlaquna Day.

The Akhlaquna award, now on its third cycle, was established by Qatar Foundation (QF) in 2017 to highlight the timeless and universal values exhibited by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and recognise young people 15 to 24 years old, whose projects encapsulate the importance of good morals and values, and encourage others to emulate.

For 2020, QF has also launched Akhlaquna Junior, an award that honours school students seven to 14 years old who uphold and demonstrate the morals and values that are the core of Akhlaquna, and illustrate to their peers how they can be translated into actions, mindsets and practices that benefit society.

Winners of both awards will be announced this week at the QF Ceremonial Court to mark Akhlaquna Day. The public is invited to watch the hybrid event online as it livestreamed via A public vote was held to determine which of the three Akhlaquna award finalists will be named the winner, with three students being awarded in three age-group categories under Akhlaquna Junior.

Akhlaquna’s Four Core Values

Akhlaquna is defined by four core values – mercy, honesty, generosity, and tolerance – and aims to cultivate a generation who place good moral character and strong ethics at the centre of their lives, and recognise how values, knowledge and fulfillment are interconnected.

It reflects the commitment of Qatar Foundation to inspire children and young people, and all members of society to be active, socially-aware, compassionate and thoughtful citizens, helping improve their communities through their behaviours and the example they set, and demonstrating the qualities of leaders and change-makers.

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