Qatar Airways’ Al Darb Nationalisation Programme and Hamad International Airport (HIA) are pleased to partner with the Bedaya Center to bring a showcase of local entrepreneurial talent and products to Hamad International Airport. The exhibition is located HIA’s arrival terminal and opened this week.

This joint effort aims to support young Qatari entrepreneurs by showcasing their ideas and plans to transform those ideas into products like clothing, accessories, traditional perfumes, homeware and other items reflecting traditional aspects of Qatari culture. Products will be displayed during the exhibition period, and passengers at Hamad International Airport at Gate 4 of the arrivals terminal will have the opportunity to explore the unique, 100% Qatari-designed collections.

Fatma Al Sulaiti owner and founder of KAFEE, the 100% Qatari chocolatier said:

The idea of our project is to create the first luxury Qatari chocolate brand. We started in 2011 as exhibitors and now we have our own store and three chocolate manufacturing workshops and soon we’ll launch our second store and first chocolate factory in Qatar. We would like to thank everyone who keeps on supporting us.’

Exhibitors will use the unique marketing channel provided by the airport display space to further develop their businesses. Thousands of passengers travelling through Hamad International Airport daily will create the opportunity to receive feedback directly from the public.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Ms Nabeela Fakhri said:

Qatar Airways is proud to support such initiatives to support the development of Qataris not just in Qatar Airways but also elsewhere and to be an active contributor of the development of the country in tandem with the Qatar 2030 Vision.’

Badr Al Meer, Chief Operating Officer at HIA said:

Hamad International Airport is happy to be given the opportunity to host Bedaya Center’s exhibition and play a role in developing budding Qatari entrepreneurs. HIA is the gateway to Qatar and the rest of the world and this exhibition provides us with yet another avenue to showcase Qatar’s culture, creativity and talent to our passengers from around the world.’

Bedaya is an entrepreneurial and career development centre that assists all Qatari Nationals who wish to start their own business through many different initiatives.

Ms Reem Al Suwaidi, General Manager of Bedaya Center said:

We are excited to have such exhibition at Hamad International Airport where the products that are made by our talented entrepreneurs will have a huge exposure to thousands of passengers arriving to Doha from all over the world. It will also be a wonderful experience for passengers to have a taste of the Qatari culture as soon as they land in Doha.’

Currently Qatar Airways’ Al Darb Nationalisation Programme supports more than 30 majors and provides nine different training programmes across a range of career choices within the award winning airline, and recently the airline welcomed more than 200 new joiners to its training programmes, including engineers, cadet pilots, graduate developees, sponsored students and direct hires.

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