Al FazaaAl Fazaa, also known as the Rescue Police Department, launched a fleet of 44 new vehicles designated for highway patrol at the headquarters of the department.

The vehicles will be deployed on five highways linking different areas of the country.  The highways are Shamal road, Salwa road, Dukhan road, Mesaieed road and Al Khor coastal road. They will patrol these highways to ensure security, safety and to maintain traffic flow.

The fleet are painted in accordance with Al Fazaa’s theme – black and white, with special markings – to distinguish them as highway patrol vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with the necessary lighting, including warning lights and front and rear warning flash lights, as well as loud speakers to be used when required, and front visors to prevent accidents.

Since its establishment in 2009, Al Fazaa has focussed on establishing the ‘Highways Section’ to take care of security and humanitarian tasks to serve commuters. By launching the new vehicles, Al Fazaa aims to improve the level of services it provides on all external roads that connect different areas of Qatar.

The highway patrols are assigned with many duties such as security responsibilities and humanitarian tasks for road users that need assistance. Furthermore, the patrols have the authority to deal with car accidents until the concerned authorities reach the scene.

Al Fazaa 2The Transports and Workshops Section of the Logistics and Supply Department and Technical Affairs Department of the National Command Centre contributed to the preparation of Al Fazaa’s new vehicles by providing the necessary tools and equipment to build the vehicles. According to the Head of Transport and Workshops Section at Logistics Department, Colonel Ahmed Al Muhannadi, the section coordinated with Al Fazaa to equip the patrol vehicles with regard to external design and other necessary equipments.

Major Ali Al Muhannadi explained that, by the launching of this new fleet, all phases of ‘Najm’ system for Al Fazaa police have been completed and this will facilitate Al Fazaa personnel to manage incidents, vehicles and personnel resources in addition to printing all necessary reports for assessment purposes. The ‘Najm’ security system  includes more than 16 services related with receiving complaints, statistics, data analysis and decision making.