Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) PQSC has extended its support to IHSAN Centre, among the affiliated centres to Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) with a deep-rooted history in charitable and voluntary work. IHSAN seeks to empower the elderly and promote solidarity between generations, as well as promote opportunities for interaction between them.

al khaliji’s partnership with IHSAN Centre falls under the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, guided by its aim of helping the vulnerable and serving common humanitarian causes.

Omar Al Emadi, Head of Corporate Banking and Nawaf Talfat, Senior Regional Manager, visited the administrative headquarters of IHSAN and provided financial support to the foundation.

Mubarak bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, Executive Director of IHSAN, praised the efforts of al khaliji to support projects and programmes for the elderly and praised their generous initiative and the great role they play in programmes that contribute to a dignified life for the elderly.

We thank al khaliji for its efforts in their continuous pursuit of meeting the needs of the community and finding optimal solutions to resolve problems. We hope that this will not be the first and last phase of cooperation between us and we look forward to a future partnership that is beneficial to all segments of society and the elderly in particular.’

Omar Al Emadi, Head of Corporate Banking at al khaliji said the initiative is a humble attempt to give back to the elderly people.

The bank will continue to support humanitarian and social activities that benefit Qatari society. We also praise the noble humanitarian role played by IHSAN in helping and contributing to alleviating the suffering of the elderly and protecting their rights.’

Al khaliji has an ongoing commitment to support human development within the community, as it aims to achieve the Human Development pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030. Many non-profit organisations have already benefited from al khaliji’s CSR activities. The bank has extended its support to a wide range of charitable activities in and outside of the country.

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