Al Khaliji Commercial Bank PQSC (al khaliji) has announced another milestone development for its operations in Qatar. The group headquarters is now at Lusail, Qatar’s city of the future. The move comes under al khaliji’s ambitious plans, its central operations now at the heart of Qatar’s vision for a sustainable, interconnected and smart future.

al khaliji Tower in Lusail
The al khaliji Tower in Lusail

According to al khaliji Chairman Sheikh Hamad Bin Faisal Bin Thani Al Thani, their customers and Qatar’s prosperous future form the driving force behind their evolution and investments.

Today, this force is leading our centre of excellence to the next chapter in our nation’s legacy: Lusail, the beacon of Qatar’s sustainable development and multi-cultural fabric. It is not too ambitious to say that Lusail will play a central role transforming Qatar’s economic landscape, and more so under Qatar National Vision 2030. As our role in this visionary transformation evolves, we are confident that this move will unlock limitless growth for al khaliji’s next-generation promise in Qatar. We are excited to unfold the opportunities that it will bring for our group, our operations and our partners as our nation gears up for 2022 and beyond.’

Fahad Al Khalifa, Group GCEO at al khaliji, added that they continue to ramp up their operations, scale up their infrastructure and build up the bank’s human and technological capital to meet and exceed the evolving needs of customers, the ambitions of shareholders and the rapid progress of the market – now more evident in their landmark move to the centre of Qatar’s sustainable, tech-powered city of the future.

He said that Lusail will not only draw in droves of SME, visitors and residents, but equally create a wealth of  jobs in the real estate, hospitality, tourism and entertainment sectors, among others.

For us, this translates into ample opportunity for our group’s portfolio diversification and customer base growth.’

The new al khaliji Tower headquarters is located at 69 Al Add Al Sharqi Street in  Lusail. Al khaliji is among the first banks to be shifting their headquarters to Lusail, with many governmental and private sector entities planning to follow suit in the future.

The vision for Lusail city was first incepted in 2005 and is today one of Qatar’s largest undertakings. The smart, green sustainable city stretches across more than 38 square kilometres in one of the country’s most vital locations. Lusail City is expected to be home to a population of over 450,000 to 200,000 residents and more than 80,000 visitors – with four exclusive islands and 19 residential, mixed-use, entertainment and commercial districts. The city, for which 80% of the infrastructure has already been completed, promises to be a boon for Qatari and international businesses.

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