Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) PQSC, in collaboration with Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) recently organised a lecture on corporate banking and its contribution to the Qatari  economy for students of Northumbria University in Qatar.

The session comes as part of the bank’s continued efforts to provide comprehensive information to students about the various functions and departments within the banking industry.

The session was hosted by Paul Maguire, al khaliji Group Chief Business Officer. He discussed in detail  how al khaliji is a ‘trusted advisor’ to its corporate clients, and how the corporate team works with clients to support their long-term growth plans.

Through the lecture, al khaliji put the ‘many years of experience and expertise’ of its senior executives at the fingertips of Qatar’s aspiring professionals, helping them gain a new perspective on banking and finance as a sound career choice.

Thanking al khaliji for the initiative, Professor Naser Ibrahim Abumustafa, the Director of Programmes and Professor of Finance at QFBA Northumbria University, said they are grateful to al khaliji for sharing their expertise and for giving their students a new perspective on banking.  He said that sessions like this will give the younger generation more insights, ensuring that they develop fully the competencies that will maximise their potential.

The Northumbria University in Qatar offers degrees in Accounting, Finance and Investments and International Banking that have been approved by Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The university, located within QFBA, offers programmes designed to meet the needs of the labour market in Qatar.

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