Al Khebra Driving Academy is massively active on promoting Road Safety, in support with the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department, for zero-road accidents.

Al Khebra has provided Defense Driving lecture with one of the well-known transport company, Alijarah Limousine supported by their employees from various departments and drivers who are dispersed to serve distinctive areas of Qatar. The Driving Academy is committed to contribute safety measure throughout the country.

The Academy recently installed an advance driving simulator to provide a different approach of training to develop superior driving skills and feel more comfortable driving a car. The simulator allows you to practice driving in roundabouts, large intersections, heavy traffic conditions, in rain and a lot more without driving the actual vehicle and provide awareness on various circumstances that may arise while in the road.

Al Khebra Driving

Al Khebra Driving Academy was founded on May 2007, with a mission to provide exemplary service in the field of drivers education. Their goal and mission is to train novice drivers and make the Qatar’s Highway Transportation System (HTS) safer, efficient and effective. Al Khebra Driving Academy is ISO 9001-2008 certified and recognised in the field of drivers education in the State of Qatar.

With its state-of-the-art facility, Al Khebra Driving Academy includes classrooms for theory that are equipped with computers, overhead projectors and simulators. In addition, Al Khebra Driving Academy has in-house compounds for behind the wheel training. Both are compounds are all asphalt with traffic signs and road markings to simulate driving in the real world. Their facilities can accommodate training for light vehicles, heavy vehicles, motorcycle and heavy equipment.

For more information, call 445 16353 or email [email protected] or visit Al Khebra Driving Academy’s website.