Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (QPSC) recently launched a ‘Local Produce Festival’ in support of Al Meera’s long-standing support for the Qatar farms programme under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME)

The festival, which was launched last 25 February, features a variety of vegetables at different branches of Al Meera.

Supporting local farms, SME

The retail giant has branches over 50 localities in Qatar giving producers and SME in the food industry the opportunity to showcase their products to the marketplace at prominent shelf spaces whilst simultaneously providing customers access to fresh high-quality products at great prices.

In a statement, Al Meera said they remain an avid supporter of local farms and is honoured to offer a platform for home-grown products.

This festival celebrates the successes of our local products which continue to grow in variety and quality. This week, a variety of vegetables will be displayed at Al Meera’s shelves across the country to give our customers greater variety in choosing premium, fresh and high-quality products.

The MME is also proud of the country’s growing food industry, which continues to produce high-quality products that meet the needs of local consumers. They said that this year alone, the sale of premium Qatari vegetables has grown by 66%.

We recognise this is in part through the work of our partners like Al Meera who tirelessly support local farms. Through the Vegetables Festival, we hope to once again increase the visibility of Qatari farms, boost their competitive advantage and thus, guarantee continuity in production according to the highest standards.

Al Meera Local Produce Festival 5

The festival marks the beginning of the spring season and features a variety of premium quality vegetables, whilst also celebrating the achievements of local farms who have increased their production significantly this year.

As the country’s national retailer, Al Meera enjoys close ties with local farmers and has been instrumental in championing national products at its branches. Al Meera frequently offers shelf and kiosk spaces and engages in collaborations with key government ministries to promote ‘Made in Qatar’ products through monthly promotions, campaigns and raffles as part of its unwavering support for local producers and national products.

Al Meera also continues its commitment to local SME in the food industry on the path to food security, self-sufficiency and economic diversity in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

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