Al Million taxi company in cooperation with  General Directorate of Traffic under the Ministry of Interior, recently launched a traffic safety awareness campaign  called ‘Zero Accident, Zero Violation’. As part of the campaign’s first phase, a traffic safety training session on common traffic mistakes was held at the Traffic Department theatre for around 275 new drivers who will be joining the company fleet soon. The four-hour training session covered various subjects that will help drivers become more vigilant on the road.    

Inaugurating the traffic safety campaign, traffic awareness officer from the Traffic Awareness and Media Department under the General Directorate of the Traffic, Lt Abdul Wahid Ghareeb Al Anzi said that traffic safety is not only the responsibility of the Traffic Department, but also a joint responsibility between the Traffic Department and the general public, whether they are drivers or passengers or pedestrians.

Lt Al Anzi:

The Traffic Department is spending maximum efforts for making our roads safer and the general public have to cooperate and support the activities, efforts and  initiatives of the department for ensuring safety on our roads.

During his speech, Lt Al Anzi urged the new drivers to spread the information they learned during the training to other drivers in the company and advised them to get the maximum benefit from the session. He also appreciated the keenness of the company to protect the lives of the drivers as well as the general public by providing safety tips. He acknowledged the initiative taken by Al Million to raise awareness among its drivers, which he said will contribute in reducing the violations and accidents among them.

Addressing the gathering , the Managing Director of  Al Million Group, Mr Abdul Kader Mydeen said:

Al Million is committed to ensure safety and care for drivers and in this context we are launching this campaign ‘Zero Accident, Zero Violation’ with the Ministry of Interior. The company believes that providing safety measures and education for drivers  will contribute in improving their performance in safe driving and this is the responsibility of the company in order to make our society safer. As an initiative of this campaign, we are organising this training for about 270 new drivers of our taxi fleet from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Through this campaign, we aim to minimise the number of traffic accidents as well as the violations caused by our drivers  to zero within one year from the date of launching this campaign, and this attempt is taken by our company as part of our commitment towards the safety of our drivers as well as the safety of the general public.

In conclusion, he urged the cooperation and support of all drivers in the company for this campaign and promised that drivers who will be achieving the targets of the campaign will be recognised.

The training covered several subjects such as minor accidents, how to stop a vehicle if a tire blows up while driving, risks of running a red signal, importance of wearing a seatbelt, adherence to safe speed when approaching a roundabout or signal, weight of a passenger during collision accidents and fine and punishment for overtaking from the right or driving the vehicle in hard shoulder.

Sensors at traffic signals, risks of driving the vehicles in the fast track, fine for driving heavy vehicles on fast or middle tracks, driving techniques beside heavy vehicles, cautions for others mistakes, importance of following the posted speed limit and keeping space between two vehicles, different types of radar cameras, tailgating, danger of using mobile phone while driving and yellow box, were the subjects covered during the training.

Traffic investigation officer Lt Muhammed Al Mutawa, officials from Al Million Services Trading and Contracting including commercial manager Mr Abdul Ajees and Assistant General Manager of Taxi Division Mr Joby Mathew Thomas also attended the inaugural session of the campaign.

For more information on traffic safety in Qatar, visit the MOI website