Al Qannas Qatari Society recently announced its decision to launch its 6th campaign to release falcons into nature as part of the country’s efforts to breed them in the wild.

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the ongoing Qatar International Falcons and Hunting Festival (Marmi 2023) at the Sealine area.

Society Vice Chairman Mohamed bin Abdulatif al-Misnad said that the Al Qannas Society will start receiving the donated falcons after the end of the hunting season this year. Birds which qualify will be released into nature.

He said that previous campaigns were highly successful according to the results collected from the tracking devices on the falcons to identify their migration routes.

Qatari falconers donating their falcons is a noble and humanitarian act, as they always used to do after the end of the hunting season, and this has continued from generation to generation.

Al-Misnad urged the falconers to participate in the current campaign and donate some of their falcons to allow them to breed in the wild and help maintain the future of the sport and hobby.

He said that they will receive the donated falcons ahead of their release to make sure that the birds are healthy enough. They will undergo check-ups in cooperation with the Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital and other specialised hospitals.

The falcons will be released in Azerbaijan, as was the case last year as the country has been identified as one of the international migration routes for falcons.

Marmi 2023, organised by Al Qannas Qatari Society at Sabkhat Marmi in the Sealine Area, is held under the patronage of HE Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad al-Thani. It will conclude this Saturday, 28 January.

The event had drawn more local, regional and international attention as one of the major festivals in its category, pioneered by Qatar to maintain and develop the heritage of the traditional sport.

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