Qatar National Day QND

Al Rayyan Sports Stadium is all set to entertain thousands of families and single workers on Qatar National Day as part of Associated Activities of Qatar National Day Celebrations 2014.

At Rayyan Sports Club, the Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian communities and schools such as Philippines School Doha, Philippines International School Qatar, Noble Indian School and Doha Modern Indian School will participate in the celebrations through various programmes and competitions on Thursday 18 December.

The programmes will start with the national anthem at 8am by school students, followed by a thematic parade by students from each participating school featuring Qatari traditions. A Qatar song competition, Qatar show and general song competitions will be held between the schools in the morning session before the communities start performing different cultural and entertainment shows on the stage.

At Rayyan Indoor stadium, in the morning session, Filipino community teams will demonstrate Qatar Cultural Show by Community Teens,  Qatar Song by Community Teachers, Qatar Cultural Show by Community Teens,  Male Solo performance, Filipino orchestra song, Philippine Cultural Show by Banyuhay, General Song Female Solo and child solo song.

The Indonesian and Malaysian communities will perform Zapin dance, solo song by Cinta Ini, poem on Qatar, Malaysian dance, orchestra songs, Wallinong sari dance, choir Qatar song, Lodeh Mak Lodeh dance and solo song of Jar of hearts.

The programmes of the evening session will begin at 2 pm. The participating schools will compete in a general show, Qatari show and Qatari song in the venue.

In the evening session the Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian community will showcase variety of cultural programmes. While Filipino community will perform Filipino band Filmaq, Philippine cultural show by Banyuhay, general song of Duest and JCC choir, the Indonesian and Malaysian communities will showcase events such as cultural show titled angina Mamiri dance by Qinarya Dohagroup and Indoesian songs by Nasyid group Messaid, Sajojo dance, Iwan’s Band Doha, Bajidor Kahot Dance by Puspa Qinarya Doha Group, Cultural show about Qatar, Puspawarni Dance and Panji Semirang Dance by Puspa Qinarya Doha Group.

There will be Qatari and communities’ traditional performances, traditional shows, musical performances as well.

The venue is arranged with praying areas, resting areas for families, emergency medical services, and other necessary services for the public. Volunteers will be on duty for the smooth running of the event from 6 am to 10 pm. Ahmad Hasnan Mohd Zaki, Ismail Suboh (Malaysia), Zainul Arifeen, Heri Kartono (Indonesia), Florante M Cabrito, Angel Aquino, Frank Jamandray (Philipines) are leading the community efforts to make the programmes successful.

The schools winning first, second, third and fourth will be awarded QR7,000, QR5,000 and QR3,000, QR2,000. As well, the winner of the football match will be awarded QR5,000 and the runner up QR3,000, the winner of the tug of war competition will be awarded QR2,500 and the runner up QR1,500. The prize money for running race is QR1,500, QR1,000, QR500 for each of companies, schools and communities.

Apart from these entertainment activities, free blood and sugar checkups will be provided at the venue.