The Al Sadd Sports Club indoor hall, one of the many existing world-class venues proposed for the Doha 2030 Asian Games bid, this week safely welcomed over 300 members of the public for the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) Padel Tournament.

The tournament took place last week, 27 to 31 October and was part of a wider QOC ‘Sport for Life’ community engagement strategy, encouraging people to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. Sport for Life is a central part of Doha’s bid for the 2030 Asian Games and reflects the country’s strong belief in the power of sport to drive social development.

Al Sadd Sports Club 1

The tournament was held to provide an opportunity for people to continue to safely practice sport during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Al Sadd Sports Club indoor hall, which would host billiards in 2030, is one of the many proposed Doha 2030 venues that will continue to serve the community and elite sport before and after 2030.

Doha 2030 CEO and QOC Secretary General HE Jassim Bin Rashid Al Buenain said that now more than ever, sport has a major role to play in inspiring hope and positivity.

The QOC Padel Tournament is just one small way we can support our communities by giving them the chance to stay active through practising sport in a COVID-19 secure environment. This is crucial not just for physical well-being but for mental well-being as well.

He added that we are fortunate to have so many existing world-class sports venues in Qatar which makes it possible to deliver these opportunities in a safe way. Ensuring that these facilities benefit Qatar and the region from now until 2030 and beyond, is a central pillar of the bid to host the Asian Games.

We are focused on using the Games to deliver benefits to Asian sport and serving as a gateway to a brighter future for Asia.

Padel is one of the proposed sports on the Doha 2030 Games programme and has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. Registration for the tournament was open to the public and saw over 300 participants and 150 teams take part, including a number of high-profile local influencers. The tournament was held following COVID-19 countermeasures to ensure the safety of everyone involved.