AL SHAQAB’s third CHI equestrian tournament will be held next month on 2–7 March 2015 and AL SHAQAB has become a centre of gravity for the spectators and specialists in anticipation for a truly world-class event.

Fahad Al Qahtani, President of AL SHAQAB links Qatar’s CHI equestrian tournament to country’s equestrian heritage:

Qatar has an illustrious equestrian heritage and we always placed the highest value on great horsemanship. AL SHAQAB is honoured to welcome some of the world’s finest competitors to what we anticipate will be a magnificent tournament.’

A lot of serious work is being put into making sure the standards of CHI AL SHAQAB 2015 could be seen as a benchmark of excellence at the highest level possible. This is happening due to the employment of all means available on all levels. A unique equine venue in its own right, AL SHAQAB is created as an ideal place where the traditional Qatari horsemanship meets the most up-to-date requirements of the sport.

AL SHAQAB is appreciating the great help of the Qatar Foundation which assists in fulfilling AL SHAQAB’s mission is to be a global leader in preserving, improving, and promoting the Arabian horse breed through setting the highest standards in breeding, show, equestrian arts, and equine welfare while encouraging community participation.

Omar Al Mannai, Event Director of CHI AL SHAQAB, said:

Our aim for this year is to go far and beyond what we have offered up till now. In its third year, CHI AL SHAQAB reaches the era of maturity, based on the efforts of the people who constantly, all year round, prepare the event. The addition of the para-dressage, for the first time in the Middle East, is the main innovation we offer this year to our spectators with  regards to the competition per se.  However there are a lot more for them to enjoy the very moment they  go through the doors of AL SHAQAB.’

The annual tournament, the only CHI-level competition in the Middle East and Asia, includes apart from para-dressage, dressage, jumping, vaulting and endurance competitions. This year, the crème da la crème of the world’s greatest riders and horses will compete before royalty, VIPs and 10,000 spectators at the Gulf’s most prestigious equestrian venue.

Once again ExxonMobil proudly supports the event as its main sponsor.

Alistair Routledge, President and General Manager for Exxon Mobil Qatar Inc. emphasised on the energy of the competition as well as the highest level of entertainment at the event:

CHI AL SHAQAB is a wonderful opportunity for spectators to indulge in world class equestrian competition in world class facilities; and to be entertained by Qatari sportsmen and horses competing at the highest level. I am constantly amazed at the energy the event puts forward.’

‘At ExxonMobil Qatar we believe that Energy Lives Here – right here in Qatar. And we have a commitment to nurture this energy that fuels progress and adds value to life.’

The love for horses is in the blood of the Qataris and the development of the Arabian horse is a part of the traditional fabric of the Qatari culture.

Saleh Al Mana, Vice President for ExxonMobil Qatar thinks that this particular traditional fabric of the Qatari culture is being fully reflected in the spirit of CHI AL SHAQAB 2015.

He says:

For centuries Qataris were cherishing their love for horses. This love is fully engraved in the national soul of this country. CHI AL SHAQAB is such an incredible opportunity to show this love to the world and share it with all the people who will come to Qatar to watch this unique equestrian event.’

CHI AL SHAQAB 2015 welcomes the participation of the Media and  the  sport experts, whereas tickets are already available for the public at Virgin MEGA Stores.