An organised tour of Al Shaqab is nothing short of a remarkable experience.

Passengers of luxury cruise ship Queen Mary 2 were treated to a visit to the country’s centre of equestrian excellence, giving them the opportunity for close contact with some of the finest Arabian horses and champion stallions of the world, housed within the state-of-the-art facilities of Al Shaqab, a member of Qatar Foundation.  

The passengers hailed from different countries, who were dazzled by the stunning facilities of Al Shaqab and its elegant occupants. Hans Kruse from Germany, said he was very impressed with the facilities and the horses.

The indoor and outdoor arena are beautiful too. I would say this is a wonderful place. To be a horse within these facilities must be like being in heaven. I would say this is the best place in the world for equestrian sports. Germany is relatively strong in horse riding, but the facilities there cannot compare to what you see here.’

Kruse’s fellow passengers agreed. Andrew Shaw from Ireland said the facilities are extremely clean, and way above anything you get to see anywhere in the world.

The Equine Exercise Center offered passengers of Queen Mary 2 another spectacle as their visit coincided with the workout time of some of the horses. Another passenger, Gloria Sharp from Canada, was amazed as they watched a stallion swam in a purpose-built pool and complete a session on the treadmill. The overall verdict from the visitors was unanimous: If I were a horse, I would like to live here!

Al Shaqab is in the midst of preparing to host the opening leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour from 28 February to 2 March, followed by its signature event, CHI AL SHAQAB 2019 on 7 to 9 March.

Another batch of visitors from the cruise ship AIDAprima, which will be docking in Doha on 7 March, can look forward to a true equestrian experience. Seeing world-class athletes and horses in action and taking part in fun-filled activities will no doubt leave visitors with lifetime memories of Qatar.

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