Al Wakra Hospital and Ras Laffan Hospitals that served as COVID-19 facilities already discharged their last COVID-19 patients and will now resume their normal services.

The two hospitals have been designated as COVID-19 facilities to help the healthcare sector meet the increasing demand for hospital admissions during the second wave of the virus.

Clinical Lead for Ras Laffan Hospital Dr Khaled Al Jalham said:

Since the start of the pandemic, our healthcare teams at Ras Laffan have cared for more than 8,000 patients with COVID-19. Each and every member of staff has made an important contribution to the healthcare sector’s overall response to COVID-19. By boosting bed capacity across our system and delivering high-quality care without delay to any patient in need of medical care, we have been able to have one of the lowest COVID-19 mortality rates in the world. I am enormously proud of the team at Ras Laffan.

Acting CEO and Medical Director of Al Wakra Hospital Dr Sabah Al Kadhi said that they are looking forward to returning to their normal service provision.

Every week, our skilled and devoted teams provide care to tens of thousands of patients through a wide range of healthcare services including outpatient, emergency, labor and delivery, pediatrics, dentistry, burns, dermatology, and specialized and general surgery.

Hamad Medical Corporation’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Abdulla Al Ansari said that converting the hospitals to a COVID-19 facility was a difficult but important decision that needed to be taken to ensure the community was better cared for, at a time of uncertainty.

Thousands of patients have been cared for at Ras Laffan and Al Wakra Hospitals since their designation as COVID-19 facilities in this second wave. The entire process of transforming both these hospitals into COVID-19 facilities has been delivered through the hard work and commitment of hundreds of healthcare staff including doctors, nurses, and a wide range of support staff. I would like to thank everyone who has played their part in caring for COVID-19 patients throughout this pandemic and for the remarkable achievement of returning Al Wakra Hospital to normal services in the shortest time possible, to care for the community.

Minister of Public Health HE Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari on Tuesday visited Al Wakra Hospital as the facility discharged their last COVID-19 patients. During her visit, Dr Al Kuwari highlighted the important role that these two hospitals have played throughout the second wave of the virus. She noted that discharging the last COVID-19 patients from the two hospitals and recommencing normal services highlights how the combined efforts of the government restrictions, roll-out of the vaccination programme and the community’s adherence to preventive measures have helped to tame the second wave.

Congratulations to all the dedicated staff at Ras Laffan and Al Wakra Hospitals who have worked tirelessly to deliver the very best standard of care to thousands of COVID-19 patients.

During the visit, the minister met with the senior leadership team at Al Wakra and Ras Laffan Hospitals and presented a plaque of appreciation to formally recognise the outstanding work of staff. She also met with two recovered COVID-19 patients who had been admitted to the hospital and successfully treated for their symptoms.

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