Building on the success of last year’s Ramadan celebrations, Aleph Doha Residences, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, is excited to unveil a unique addition to this year’s festivities: the Fawanees Village Advent Calendar. Inspired by the enchanting Fawanees Ramadan Tent, this innovative calendar is poised to become a cherished tradition among residents and visitors alike.

For enthusiasts ready to dive into the spirit of Ramadan, the Fawanees Village Advent Calendar offers a pre-filled option brimming with an assortment of sweets, including rich chocolates and succulent dates, ensuring a delightful surprise awaits each day of the holy month. This option is perfect for those seeking immediate enjoyment of the season’s flavours. Additionally, for those who cherish customisation, the calendar is also available empty, offering the unique opportunity to personalise each box with your favourite treats or homemade sweets, making your countdown to Eid uniquely yours.

Reflecting the charm of the Fawanees Ramadan Tent, renowned for its sky-high elegance and unparalleled city views from the 52nd floor, the advent calendar is designed to bring the magic of these moments into homes. Available for purchase in the lobby of Aleph Doha Residences, it connects the festive atmosphere of the tent with intimate celebrations at home, offering a daily ritual that builds excitement towards Eid with family and friends.

Chadi Kassem, Cluster General Manager of Aleph Doha Residences, said: ‘In its second year, we aim for the Fawanees Village Advent Calendar to become an integral part of our Ramadan traditions at the hotel. It’s a tangible way to bring the spirit of Ramadan into every home, enriching the holy month with daily surprises and joy.’

Aleph Doha Residences – Curio Collection by Hilton is dedicated to creating unique and memorable experiences that resonate with Ramadan’s cultural and spiritual significance. Introducing the Fawanees Village Advent Calendar is a testament to this commitment, promising to make the countdown to Eid an engaging and fun experience for families and friends.

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