Aleph Doha Residences, Curio Collection by Hilton, is thrilled to announce the preparation for this year’s Ramadan celebrations with the launch of the Fawanees Tent on the 52nd floor. As the highest Ramadan tent in Doha, it promises an unparalleled experience combining a majestic city view and exquisite culinary delights.

The Fawanees Tent presents a breathtaking panoramic view of Doha’s skyline and the tranquil Gulf waters. Chadi Kassem, Cluster General Manager of Aleph Doha Residences, said: ‘Our guests will witness the city in its full splendour from this unique vantage point. The location transcends its altitude to deliver a sublime experience during Ramadan.’

Its vibrant authenticity and engaging activities will distinguish the Ramadan experience at Aleph Doha. Guests will be immersed in an atmosphere adourned with authentic Ramadan decorations while indulging in a sumptuous menu inspired by the rich flavours of the Middle East. Additionally, the celebratory Garangao activities, extensive entertainment and a specially curated kids’ area are set to provide joy and fun for all ages.

The 52nd floor of Aleph Doha Residences is a space of unmatched versatility and distinction. On one side, it houses the city’s highest indoor swimming pool, a three-time award-winning facility renowned for its breathtaking views and various activities, including upscale events. On the other side of the floor, it’s a luxurious venue for hosting diverse events. The Fawanees Tent, active during Ramadan, further elevates this space as a premium choice for both private and corporate events.

Chintan Shanbhogue, Commercial Director of Aleph Doha Residences, added: ‘The dual functionality of this floor, blending leisure and event hosting, opens a new chapter in Doha’s event scene. This venue exemplifies Doha’s growth as a centre for innovative and unique experiences. The Fawanees Tent on the 52nd floor is a testament to our city’s ambition and dedication to exceptional experiences.’

Adding to the allure, this brand-new venue on the 52nd floor offers guests an unrivalled panoramic view that encompasses not only the city’s expansive skyline but also landmarks such as the Museum of Islamic Arts, the Doha Port and Mina District, and the picturesque islands nestled in the serene waters of the Gulf. The Fawanees Tent allows guests to experience the city’s transformation from the golden hues of sunset to the vibrant nightlife, illuminated by the skyline lights, from the highest Ramadan tent in the city. This unique position on the 52nd floor provides breathtaking views and sets the stage for an unforgettable evening as the city comes alive beneath them.

The Fawanees Tent, now proudly powered by Kia Qatar under the banner ‘Fawanees Tent – Powered by KiaTM brings together the warmth of Ramadan with the innovative spirit of a brand that has been moving people for over seven decades. This partnership with Kia, a brand that began its journey by connecting communities through movement, resonates deeply with the values of Ramadan. This collaboration is not just a sponsorship; it’s a celebration of togetherness, innovation, and the shared commitment to fostering community connections. As guests gather in the Fawanees Tent to break their fast and share stories, they will be surrounded by an atmosphere that speaks to both the heritage of Ramadan and the forward-moving ethos of Kia, enhancing the sense of unity and cultural engagement in one of Doha’s most distinguished settings.

In light of the new partnership, Honeylyn Alabado, Cluster Director of Sales of Aleph Doha Residences, said: ‘We are immensely proud to collaborate with Kia. We believe that this Ramadan, our guests will feel an even stronger sense of belonging and togetherness, making their experience at Aleph Doha Residences truly unparalleled.’

Hossam Abu Shadi, Brand Director of Kia Qatar, added: ‘We at Al Attiya Motors and Trading Co. are thrilled to sponsor the Fawanees Tent – Powered by Kia. As Ramadan is a time of enlightenment and fellowship, our VIP customers will be treated to a wonderful time amidst the stunning backdrop of Doha from up high. We look forward also giving the guests at Aleph Doha Residences, Curio Collection by Hilton, a chance to view our flagship EV model – the award-winning Kia EV6 upon their entrance into the facility.’

In addition to the unique Ramadan experience at the Fawanees Tent, Aleph Doha Residences ensures that it caters to the needs of every guest, establishing itself as the perfect venue to spend Ramadan. IKA, their award-winning South American restaurant, accommodates everyone, including those not fasting, throughout the day. It serves its renowned breakfast, the acclaimed business lunch, and transitions into a special Middle Eastern-themed iftar buffet in the evening, offering a unique twist to traditional Ramadan fare. Meanwhile, Waka Terrace opens for Iftar and Suhoor, allowing guests the pleasure of dining under the stars or enjoying the perfect Ramadan weather on the cosy open-air terrace. For those in search of lighter bites and signature beverages, Lavazza Café will be open after sunset, providing quick bites along with their popular coffee and sweets. Aleph Doha Residences, Curio Collection by Hilton promises a memorable and inclusive Ramadan experience for all guests, blending luxury, tradition, and culinary excellence in an unparalleled setting.

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