What do we know about a whale? Well, it’s big and majestic, right? It’s also beautiful and perfectly tuned to dominate its environment.

The all-new MG WHALE sends the same message: MG intends to be an important player in the market and in people’s minds. From initial impressions, it certainly will succeed in these aspirations.

The name is certainly emotive; MG deliberately states that the car draws cues from the whale to reflect power and grace in its lines. MG WHALE is impressive in its stature; it looks strong and powerful. It’s a very clean design, you could even say sleek especially with its coupé-like silhouette, but it also has lots of distinctive and unique design cues.

The first examples of the all-new MG WHALE are now available at Auto Class Cars on Salwa Road and at the new Lusail showroom (between Place Vendome and the Waldorf-Astoria). The 2024 MG WHALE expands MG’s already very popular SUV model range, offering even more status, style and luxurious comfort for all aboard – all at great value prices. With its coupé-like appearance, the arrival of the newest MG SUV strengthens MG and its position among the top five or six car brands in the Middle East.

The MG WHALE is great to drive. The 2.0 litre turbocharged engine feels large and powerful, acceleration is rapid and gear changes are smooth. With the excellent driving position and all-round visibility it is easy to feel ‘king of the road’ wherever you are. The 2.0 litre power plant with the MG turbocharger feels massive – mated with the smooth eight-speed dual clutch transmission you can really enjoy your driving as you hit the road and feel the tremendous horsepower and torque that it delivers under your right foot. The gear lever and electronics are pretty futuristic and the steering is light at low speeds and stable at high speeds. 100 kph from zero in less than seven seconds is great for what is also a family SUV and with a top speed of over 200 kph you can enjoy driving both in congested city streets or on a relaxing journey on the highway with cruise control fitted as standard.


ENGINE Powerful 2.0 litre DOHC turbo-charged high efficiency engine

MAX POWER 231 hp (172 kW) @ 5,300 rpm

TORQUE 370 Nm (273 lb-ft) from as low as 2,000 rpm

PERFORMANCE From a standing start,100 kph comes up in under seven seconds; plus a top speed of 210 kph

TRANSMISSION Front wheel drive, with smooth eight-speed automatic transmission


The MG WHALE features a front grille inspired by the titan of the ocean depths. Increasing the exterior appeal are the two-tone glossy black roof, matte gold bumper accents, chrome dual exhaust pipes, silver decoration and it rides high on attractive 19-inch alloy wheels. With the unique wheel design, rear spoiler, vertical lights front and rear, aerodynamic curves and an OCD-like attention to detail the MG WHALE brings some of the majesty and magic of the ocean to Qatar’s roads.


If you like the exterior, you’ll love the interior!  The MG WHALE has a spacious and ultra-modern cabin, with premium materials, distinctive two-tone stitching and advanced user-friendly technology giving an all-round immersive experience. The central dashboard features a large 12.3 inch horizontal touchscreen display in addition to the digital dashboard right in front of the driver.


The beautifully finished dual-tone leather luxury perforated seats, six-way electric, plus the panoramic sunroof, emphasise the spacious interior, with plenty of legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers along with a large trunk. The flexible use of the large interior space offers easy access to different storage needs.

The MG WHALE is loaded with cutting-edge technologies built around a human-centric approach: this includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, wireless charging and a high-fidelity music system with nine speakers and state-of-the-art infotainment screens.


The highest standards of safety and security are at the core of the MG WHALE’s design philosophy. Sturdy and powerful (like the giant blue whale), the MG WHALE features a 360° camera, six airbags, instant driver notifications and warnings, lane-assist and auto-brake functions along with all the tools for complete spatial awareness.

To learn about the WHALE and the new generation of MG cars in Qatar, go to mg-qa.com or visit Auto Class Cars at the Salwa Road and Lusail showrooms. As I write this in Ramadan, there’s never been a better time to buy an MG and the friendly, informative, multilingual and multitalented staff will help you all the way!

PS. (Not a small) footnote: MG offers one of the best manufacturer’s warranty in the whole region – a whole six years or 200,000 km coverage.

For more information about the new MG Whale, and other models, call 4040 1444 or visit their showrooms. 

Author:  Terry Sutcliffe

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