Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) joined the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) and the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) in the Seha Tent activities held from 18 to 20 December at Darb Al Saai in celebration of Qatar National Day (QND). Nearly 145,960 people visited the health tent.

HMC’s active participation in the Darb Al Saai activities reflects its commitment to promote a healthy community through the provision of the safest, most effective and compassionate healthcare to the population of Qatar. The presence of HMC in the Darb Al Saai events offered the visitors, especially families and children, the opportunity to learn about HMC’s healthcare services as well as benefit from the training and education initiatives provides for the general public.

Aisha Al Khulaifi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at HMC and supervisor of HMC’s activities for this year’s celebrations, said:

A well-trained team of professionals from HMC was present in the health tent to provide free medical check-ups including blood pressure test, eye test, diabetes and dental check-up. The team also provided information on maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. HMC also held a variety of activities for the families and children, providing an educational, entertaining and interactive experience.’

HMC Darb Al Saai KidsAl Khulaifi explained that the activities organised for children including school pupils aimed to educate them on how to do physical and sports exercises, provide tips on maintaining a healthy diet, and the value of practicing good oral and body hygiene.

HMC’s Blood Donation Center participated in the activities through a blood donation campaign aimed at promoting a culture of voluntary blood donation in Qatar.

Siddiqa Al Mahmoudi, Medical Director of HMC’s Blood Donor Center, said:

We arranged an interactive program and distributed pamphlets, booklets and posters featuring the importance of blood donation and its health benefits. We familiarized visitors with HMC’s blood transfusion services, given that the Blood Donation Center is the principal blood donor center in Qatar and is responsible for providing the nation with safe and adequate blood supplies.’

Al Mahmoudi further thanked the 442 people who donated blood during the Darb Al Saai events, saying this has helped the blood bank to maintain its stock and be able to provide blood and blood products for patients who need them, including those who have to undergo surgery and people with certain cancers.

A number of students from preparatory and intermediate schools showed great interest and attention during the staff’s explanation of the phlebotomy process (the process of drawing blood from patients and taking the blood specimens to the laboratory to prepare for testing). The students learned about the work of the blood donor team and the latest technology used for blood transfusion and phlebotomy at HMC, and expressed a desire to become voluntary blood donors in the future.

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