The Protection and Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN) and Doha Festival City recently teamed up to promote awareness of the centre’s 919 hotline for the prevention of domestic violence and family-related concerns. 

The campaign highlighted the centre’s services to protect and help in the rehabilitation of women and children who are victims of abuse. The week-long awareness campaign was part of the mall’s #FestivalCares community initiatives focused on women and children.

Spreading awareness

The campaign was aimed to spread awareness to enhance the social protection needed to prevent domestic violence and family dysfunction, encouraging victims to report incidents of violence. AMAN provides the necessary protection, with specialists to monitor, diagnose, document, and report cases and respond to inquiries.

The hotline awareness campaign witnessed a great turnout since the launch. Audience engagement was high as interested parties visited the awareness booth to inquire about the services provided by AMAN including the 919 hotline service and the online applications for the protection of women and children – Help Me children’s app and Consult Me app for women. Visitors to the booth also interacted with AMAN’s initiative My Book is My Friend, a children’s book vending machine, which also educates children on the dangers associated with playing electronic games.

According to Doha Festival City General Manager Robert Hall, a nurturing family is the foundation of a healthy society.

We at Doha Festival City are very keen on the safety and welfare of this fundamental building block of our community. Through our #FestivalCares programme, we continuously support initiatives that empower (our) community’s welfare and growth.

He said they are proud of their collaboration with AMAN to address domestic violence and educate society on resources available to bring relief to women and children affected by it. Hall also noted the extent to which the public was actively engaged with the campaign since its launch.

AMAN Director of Communication and Media Office Hanan Al-Ali expressed their deepest gratitude to Doha Festival City for their support and cooperation in hosting the awareness campaign and embracing it as part of their #FestivalCares programme initiatives. She said that as a non-governmental organisation, they are keen to promote the principles of community partnership with various entities in the country and look forward to more cooperation with Doha Festival City Mall.

Our common goal is to protect members of society from any violence they may be exposed to, and to strengthen family cohesion to create a safe environment.

Social Protection and Rehabilitation Center

AMAN is dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of women and children who are victims of domestic violence and family dysfunction, and their reintegration into society.

The 919 hotline service is an advanced service for receiving social protection requests and providing social, legal and psychological advisory services. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and available in several languages: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, Tagalog, Mandarin, in addition to Arabic and English. The breadth of languages covered is meant to secure protection for the various nationalities and visitors in the country, especially during the major sporting event this year.

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