Nine-year-old Kareem Khan won three games at a chess competition at his school – Doha English Speaking School (DESS) – an amazing feat for someone who played against players much older than him. He started playing when he was only five. Kareem said the competition was ‘super challenging’ but it was a great experience.

Kareem’s passion for chess started when his nanny introduced him to the game. He now plays chess at the DESS Chess Club regularly and also attends a weekly chess practice session at Qatar Chess Federation.

Nicola Murray, the one who oversees the various extra-curricular activities DESS offers their students said the school was really proud of Kareem’s achievement and of the opportunity they offer their students – to play and take part in competitions. Chess was introduced as an activity in DESS on September 2016, run by Qatar Chess Federation.

Kareem recommends chess at DESS, said it’s a really good club and he’s learned a lot of different moves since he started playing with them. He also recommends chess to anyone:  ‘chess is a really great sport, a great mind sport’.

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