Ambulance Service Adds 19 New Vehicles to Patient Transport Services

ambulance-picThe Ambulance Service at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has added a fleet of 19 new vehicles to their existing patient transport service.

These vehicles have been fitted with enhanced features such as a wheelchair lift, in addition to a stretcher to ensure that patients are transported comfortably and efficiently.

Brendon Morris, Chief Operations Office at the Ambulance Service said:

The new ambulances are specifically built to support the community. They provide the ability to transfer patients on a stretcher or in their own wheelchair. Our purpose for adding this enhanced service is to ensure that patients receive the highest quality, effective and compassionate care.’

‘ A lot of patients request to be transported in their own wheelchairs for comfort reasons. By enhancing our new ambulances with wheelchair lifts, we are ensuring that patients feel confident and at ease with the assistance they receive.’

Patient transport service is a service provided by the Ambulance Service and is available to the community of Qatar. The facility involves pre-hospital and post-care transport and is available from the patient’s site to the hospital as well as inter-facility.

Patient transport service represents an important element of the Ambulance Service as it provides patients with a continuity of medical assistance that is part of their treatment. While this service is available to all patients, certain criteria’s have to be met in order to be eligible for the service.