The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs announced that outdoor work from 10 am to 3:30 pm in Qatar will remain banned from June 1 to September 15 to protect workers from heat stress during the summer period.

The Ministry affirmed that the employer should set a schedule for determining the daily working hours in accordance with the provisions of this decision and place this schedule in a visible place to make it easier for all workers to view, and labour inspectors can notice it upon their inspection visits.

The Ministry requests owners of institutions and companies who are subject to provisions of Labour Law promulgated by Law No 14 of 2004 to comply with Ministerial Resolution No (16) of 2007 to specify working hours in exposed/outdoor places during summer from the said period.

The Ministry also stressed the need to stop working in open areas if the temperature index scale of the wet bulb (WBGT) device exceeds 32.1 degrees Celsius in a specific workplace, regardless of when this occurs. It should be noted here that the temperature meter takes into account the surrounding environment temperature, humidity, solar radiation and wind speed.

In addition, workers must be provided with personal protective equipment suitable for hot weather, including light, loose-fitting clothing, and receive annual free medical examinations to diagnose and manage chronic diseases that may contribute to the risk of heat stress. The medical reports must be kept. Meanwhile, paramedics and occupational safety and health supervisors in work place must be trained to provide directions and first aid to workers.

The Ministry said its inspectors will conduct field visits to worksites to ensure compliance with the ban and warned of strict action against violators.

For more details, visit the MADLSA website. 

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